Yahoo Mobile is closed, users must switch to Visible


Yahoo Mobile is a MNVO (Mobile Network Virtual Operator) that sells mobile services supported by the Verizon network. last month, Verizon announces that it will sell its media group, Including AOL and Yahoo website assets and brands. Due to the sale, Yahoo Mobile Network is shutting down.

The Internet is not particularly popular, and the choice of equipment is limited. A new page on the Yahoo Mobile website explained, “Verizon has decided to sell the Yahoo brand separately, so Yahoo Mobile’s operations will cease.”

Current users of Yahoo Mobile must transfer their phone number to another carrier before August 31, but in some cases, “individual lines may be terminated early, depending on your monthly service cycle. “Customers can renew for another month after June 16, after which the service will end at the end of the month. AutoPay accounts will only be charged before July 16.

Visible is another MVNO network that Verizon runs on the same infrastructure, which means that devices purchased through Yahoo Mobile should be able to run on Visible or Verizon. This page mentions that other operators may be compatible, but you should contact them first.

Yahoo Mobile stated that users have 60 days to transfer your number after the account is closed, but you should take action as soon as possible. Check the Goodbye page of Yahoo Mobile for instructions on how to transfer numbers.


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