In the past year or so, more and more Android device manufacturers have promised to provide extended software support for their smartphones, and Samsung may extend the support window for the most models.

It is worth noting that so far, Xiaomi is absent from this new game, but now everything has changed.The company just announced that it will be 11T and 11T Professional Edition Three major Android system updates and four-year security patches will be received after the release. According to rumors and trailers, this should happen during online events September 15.

It is great to see Xiaomi making such a promise, and we hope that it will extend the courtesy to more devices in the future. In other words, the company’s press release specifically mentions “other devices are not currently included”, so we must look at the situation from now on. The company did say that it will “evaluate the possibility of introducing an expanded Android system and security upgrade service to more Xiaomi devices”, so we keep praying here.

Albert Shan, head of product and technology at Xiaomi International, said: “With the continuous improvement of smartphone hardware, the life cycle of smartphones is gradually extending, which means that users do not need to replace smartphones frequently. Therefore, more consumers attach great importance to it. Receive the latest operating system updates and the latest features”. We are certainly glad that he noticed this trend, because it has been going on for a long time.

Shan added: “It is not a simple task for Xiaomi and its team to provide system updates and security patches for all previous smartphone models. However, the prospect of this challenge and the desire to satisfy our customers Exciting. On the one hand. On the one hand, we once again fulfill Xiaomi’s brand promise to global users-to provide amazing products. On the other hand, the gradual extension of the service life of Xiaomi smartphones is to further promote Xiaomi’s sustainable development and environment Responsible goal initiatives.”


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