Windows 10 mobile is an operating system available for handheld devices. Windows 10 Mobile is certainly interesting for the business market. This is a sequel that follows windows phone 8. This is done as a unification of windows desktop and mobile systems. For consumers, the choice for Windows 10 Mobile is less obvious than that for Android or iOS.

This is different in the business market, especially given recent developments and new possibilities that make the operating system more versatile and powerful. Microsoft’s mobile platform started as a Windows Phone and since 2010 has slowly but surely grown to desktop Windows. But here are the 6 most important benefits of Windows 10 Mobile in a row.

Benefits of Windows 10 Mobile

Windows 10 Mobile is the successor of Windows Phone 8.1. The version already looked like Windows 10 but in a compact format. So now there is Windows 10 Mobile. Why is this operating system interesting for employees and consumers? The 6 most important benefits Windows 10 Mobile highlighted.

1. Windows 10 Mobile apps

Many apps for Windows 10 Mobile can be used on a desktop, and vice versa. Thanks to the Universal Windows Platform, developers can create apps that work directly for all Windows 10 devices, whether you use a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or Xbox.

Countless of these universal apps can be found in the Windows Store, including famous names such as Twitter, Dropbox, VLC, and Netflix. They offer a similar user experience regardless of which Windows device you use.

2. Smart interface

Although Windows 10 and Windows Mobile have many similarities, the latter is optimized for smaller screens. Characteristics of the interface are the overview with so-called Live tiles, which act as shortcuts but also show information. Think of calendar appointments, news, weather, and recent messages.

Ideal to stay up to date without having to dive into apps or menus. By swiping your thumb to the left, you open the app overview (with search function) and a swipe from the top of the screen to the bottom shows the quick settings. There you can, among other things, arrange wireless connections, switch on the flashlight, and take notes.

If you operate a Windows 10 device with one hand, you can hold the Windows button to lower the screen. For example, there are even more tricks to combine double contacts or photos and save the battery.

3. Security on Windows 10 Mobile

Another of the benefits of Windows 10 Mobile is security. Microsoft has taken various measures to ensure that the system is secure and manageable for the IT department. Already during the start-up process, Trusted Boot prevents unofficial, potentially dangerous software from being loaded. Users can use Windows Hello to log in with their fingerprint, iris, or face recognition for access to company data.

That works a lot safer than logging in with a password. The system also makes the implementation and use of multifactor authentication a lot easier. The same applies to encryption. Files and folders are easy to encrypt, using the technology of BitLocker. Besides, Windows Information Protection automatically separates sensitive business data from private data.

4. Windows Store for businesses

The apps that can be found in the Windows Store are all checked by Microsoft and found to be safe. A function called Device Guard also ensures that only trusted software can be run on the device. A handy solution for companies that want to have more influence on (the use of) apps is the Windows Store for companies.

This makes it easy to find relevant apps and make them available to employees and groups within the organization. The app offers can be managed and licenses allocated from one location. The same applies to app updates. Besides, line-of-business apps can be submitted and added to the stock apps, so that employees don’t have to search for them.

5. Continuum and HP Workspace

Continuum is also an important pillar of Windows Mobile. This technology allows you to use your smartphone as a fully-fledged desktop computer. Supported devices can be connected via a dock to a screen, keyboard, and mouse. The interface and apps then automatically scale to the larger image.

It allows users to continue working directly on a Word document or presentation created on a phone. There are already many apps that support this universal way of working. This does not apply to most line-of-business apps, even though they can be run without problems on a Windows 10 Mobile device using HP Workspace.

6. Productivity

The possibilities of Continuum and HP Workspace ensure a high degree of flexibility. After all, users have seamless access to the same apps, data, and settings at home, on the road, and in the office. But even if you do not use these functions, Windows 10 Mobile offers many possibilities to be productive.

Consider, for example, Office 365, the complete Office package that lets you work together in real-time and that has built-in functions for security and privacy. Also, cloud service OneDrive is integrated into both the system and important apps, so that work files are accessible everywhere and are protected by strong encryption.