Knowing what today will look like in terms of weather conditions is something that we all pretty much need to know. Luckily for us, smartphone weather apps and weather widgets have been on a steady improvement over the years, they work better, have more accurate and detailed information and the weather widgets look even better with whatever theme you decide to use.

Here are some of MUST HAVE ANDROID WEATHER APPS and you should try out.

Today Weather

Today weather app was a big and pleasant surprise in 2017. It is a functional, quick, and clean weather app with more than enough features for users. Today Weather includes the usual suspects such as weather alerts, weather forecasts, weather widgets, humidity, temperature.

And other very useful information like air quality index, sunset/sunrise times, moon cycles. The app is absolutely free to download and the radar is also one of the most gorgeous that we’ve used.


WeatherBug features all the stuff you would expect from a standard weather app which includes weather forecasts, radar, weather alerts, temperature and so many more. WeatherBug is one of the oldest weather apps and the developers did a good job of keeping the UI relatively modernized.

WeatherBug also features 18 different weather maps, a lightning alert system, traffic conditions, and other weather widgets. It is a very solid and stable app and the free version is more than good enough for most people.

Weather Channel

This weather app is easily among the most recognizable weather app for your android smartphone. It covers all the basics including future forecasts, lightning alerts, current temperature, severe weather alerts, and many more. It even offers the user breaking news, pollen alerts.

And they’re a variety of widgets, a separable tablet UI, and additional stuff which users find really interesting. It is free to download with no in-app purchase and doesn’t cut any corners which makes it great for simple solutions.

What the Forecast?

This is new and you probably must have seen the screenshots of this app somewhere on social media. The way it uses funny quips to describe the weather apps will keep you amazed. The app includes a seven-day forecast, current temperature, the real feel, integration with AerisWeather, and many more.

The app has over 6600 phrases with an optional setting for profanity, though the setting isn’t for everyone, you already knew that. What the Forecast is definitely a fun weather app for those users who need something basic but absolutely unique.


Accuweather is one of the most stable and solid weather apps. It features Android Wear support, radar, basics including extending forecasts, MinuteCast feature, and hourly forecasts. The app can predict rain on a minute-by-minute basis and it’s pretty good. Widgets are serviceable and trust me, it is one of the better all-around weather apps.

Weather Underground

We don’t want to bore you with long details, but this is one of the most complete weather apps that features all the basics usual stuff. One interesting feature is that it includes health info such as UV risk, local flu outbreaks, and pollen and also features hyper-local weather.

The app includes a free version that has all of the features along with advertising and the yearly subscription removes advertising, surprising right?

Carrot Weather

This is also new, very amazing and I bet has some unique qualities. It features witty and sarcastic quotes just like What the Forecast. The unique weather features it comprises are the basics like hourly temperature, forecasts, and so on. The premium features are a little more, they include widgets along with up to 70 years of weather history. You subscribe to the premium but it is very affordable.

In conclusion, the weather apps are all awesome and a must-have for androids, you should try one or two, share with a friend, and let us know what you think. They keep you informed and up to date with the latest weather report. They even help to save us from being drenched by the rain ahead.