Allow me to introduce you to this storytelling platform. Ever heard of it? Wattpad is a website and free app that lets readers and writers discover and share stories. This platform is the perfect opportunity for authors to connect directly with readers in an instant.

It sounds great right? Let’s go ahead. Well, Wattpad is a massive emerging player in the publishing industry as it develops new apps, partnerships with publishers, and fosters growth with its own Wattpad Stars program. Before we dive into creating an account on Wattpad, let’s discuss the Pros and Cons of

Pros of Wattpad

  • A massive audience of dedicated readers.

Wattpad is growing rapidly. The platform seeks new ways to expand, and more and more readers are being attracted to the platform on a regular basis. Which is a huge emerging market to connect with readers instantaneously?

Using Wattpad, one thing is certain — your followers are avid readers and book lovers. They are people looking for content, which means that the 500 followers you have on Wattpad have the potential to be way more powerful for your future book sales and growth than the 5,000 followers you have on Twitter.

  • Quick feedback on your work as you write it.

This one I like. One of my favorite things about Wattpad is getting feedback as quickly as you publish. This platform allows in-line comments in all of their stories. This means that readers can and will comment on the things they like, dislike, etc…as they’re reading your story. Well, this is an easy way to get advanced, as you can use instant feedback to help shape the story. You could even get readers to give ideas for where to take the story next. 

Sometimes, having that dedicated audience hanging on your every word, encouraging you, and waiting (somewhat) patiently for a new chapter will push you through serious writer’s block. 

  • Opportunities for collaboration and further exposure.

Wattpad is also a great platform for connecting with readers, it’s wonderful for connecting with your fellow writers as well. You can become friends with several writers via Wattpad, and you will form a virtual tribe of like-minded individuals who encourage each other to grow.

  • Increased visibility using featured and trending lists.

Do you want another reason to love Wattpad? Well, this is it. The moment you categorize your book into the correct genre, Wattpad has several discoverable lists for readers to find new and popular books within those genres. 

Meanwhile, the moment your book becomes more popular and starts to gain momentum, it might start climbing the “Hot” charts within its category, which means new readers will find you as they search for what’s new or what’s popular.

  • Get free books!

Finally, on the Pros, Wattpad is brilliant for writers because it’s a great place to discover and read new books before they’re published of course. We know that not every book published on Wattpad is a must-read. But there are tons of books worth reading on the site.

For authors, this is an invaluable resource because they need to read in order to grow.

Cons of Wattpad

Ok… so Wattpad sounds way too good to be true, therefore allow me to add a few drops of reality into the mix.

  • Competition.

Competition on Wattpad is high just as any growing platform. Yes, your books are inadvertently pitted against countless other books, and while there’s room for many books in a reader’s library, you’re just going to struggle to gain visibility at first while more established writers continue to pick up steam.

It is always hard for new titles to break through that barrier, meaning you might be writing for a while before you start raking in the reads.

  • Certain genres aren’t as present on the platform.

Wattpad is really expanding rapidly, the reader base is quite young. Now, this means, if you’re writing books for 60-year-old women, you might not have as much success as someone writing snarky young adult fiction.

Now that does not mean you shouldn’t use Wattpad. Just because certain genres aren’t as popular among readers, also means there is probably less competition in those genres for the existing audience.

  • Growth always requires work.

Do you want to grow your audience on Wattpad? You’re sure going to need to update your books regularly, and stay engaged with your audience.

Apart from that, readers crave interaction with authors. As your audience grow, it will become even more difficult. Just be prepared to invest some time into Wattpad, because the most successful writers are very active on the platform.

  • Reading doesn’t automatically translate to sales.

This is usually a tough thing to swallow for many authors. No guarantee that the books that are popular on Wattpad will be successful in the real world. Apart from this, Wattpad is also a small cross-section of the book-reading population.

Now, let’s move on to Creating an Account on Wattpad

How to Create an Account on Wattpad?

  • First, open your browser and type in: “
  • Next, click JOIN NOW. This button is just located on the top right corner, in an orange header in white letters.
  • Thirdly, decide on your options.
  • You could fill in all of the required files. Enter your username, e-mail, password, your birth date,
  • Tap on the “I agree to the terms of use for Wattpad”.
  • You could also just Sign up with your Facebook/Twitter accounts.
    Then, CLICK SIGN UP!
  • Then, you can go to your e-mail. Click on Wattpad’s mail and tap on the activation link.
  • Next step, click on the “click here”
  • Finally, Log In with your username and password
  • Now, you’ll be taken immediately to the “WHAT’S HOT” page.
  • Yea…  You’ve Created Your Account. Now, Post Something!

Bottom Line

This platform takes work, but if you’re willing to put in the hours the payoff is potentially huge. Meanwhile, as with any platform, be sure to do regular assessments to make sure the return-on-investment. This platform is literally where all kinds of stories live. You can join as a reader or a writer. And more amazing is that your story can get produced in a tv series, movie, or even published into a book. If found good enough. Mind you Wattpad is not recommended for users under the age of 17.