Are you looking for the best video call app for you to stay in touch and connect to your family and loved ones? Also, with a number of us now working from home and spending more time in the house, this is a time when you need to call colleagues or friends.

Choosing the right video call app for you is usually a stressful decision to make. So, I have rounded up a list of the best video call apps of 2020. So, shall we continue?

The pandemic has forced everyone into social distancing. Many of us can’t return home because of the lockdown. Most of us miss our friends and family. Since you may not be able to hang out in person, there is a slew of video calling apps to help you keep in touch. 


This is like the common video call app everyone uses. This platform works on both Android and iOs platforms. With over two billion and making it a great choice if you have friends with a diverse group of devices. This platform can be used for video calls.


  • Allows users to make video calls
  • Can be used on both mobile platforms and computer
  • Allows for document sharing between users.
  • Share moments that matter with your loved ones through pictures and videos.


With Skype, there is absolutely no need for an introduction. Another great video call app for you to try out. Skype is just the app for you to stay connected, with super new features, design, and a tonne of users.

This platform is great for groups of up to 50 people around the world. It is free. You can use Skype on your mobile devices, computers, and smartwatches. It is available on Android, iOS, mobile devices. 


  • With Skype, you can send photos, text, videos, voice messages, and many more.
  • You can call any device, Skype, mobile, or landline.
  • You can also keep your family and friends updated with the Highlights from your day.
  • With skype, you are bound to enjoy low calling rates to landlines and cell phones across the globe.


Are you working from home this period? Do you wish to chat with your colleagues? Well, Zoom is just the best video call app for you. Zoom works on all platforms and imposes limits for three or more people.

Isn’t that great? Zoom features are extremely robust. The app can support around 100 concurrent participants in a single conference call.


  • With Zoom, screen share is possible for photos, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box files, web
  • Zoom shows contact availability
  • The platform can easily invite phone, email or company contacts
  • Will work over WiFi, 3G networks and 4G/LTE networks
  • Zoom has a safe driving mode feature that is helpful while on the road.

Using this app, the user can stay connected wherever they go with high clarity video chat, excellent quality screen sharing, and much more.


Are you a Gamer? Well, if your answer to that is yes… then you know what discord is. But, if you are not familiar with the video call app, you should keep reading. 

Discord is a great resource for connecting with friends. Apart from texting, did you know Discord supports video chat, too? Additionally, it also allows for streaming in the app itself.

Using Discord is a great way to play some games with friends, by streaming one user’s screen content to the rest of the group. Discord also works with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac.


FaceTime is specially designed for iOS devices. This platform makes it extremely easy to connect with people no matter what country or corner of the world they are in. with FaceTime, you are just a click away from making a high-quality video call to any iPhone, iPad, or Mac device.


  • You can make High Definition (HD) video calls up to 720p.
  • You can always get incoming calls on your iOS devices even when FaceTime isn’t running.
  • You can also receive incoming calls on all your Mac devices so it makes it easy for you to answer.

Facebook Messenger

There is certainly no need for an introduction regarding Facebook Messenger, This video calling app is trusted by people around the globe. This platform is for both iOS and Android users through any web browser logged into your Facebook account.


  • The video call app works across devices and operating systems. You can connect with people internationally within no time.
  • You can also add fun art and effects to your pictures and videos and share them instantly with your connections.


This platform is a comprehensive alternative to Skype. One interesting thing about Viber is how widely available it is across platforms including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Windows 8, Mac, and more. Therefore, video calling across devices or chatting using IM with emoticons should be seamless and simple. Lest I forget, it’s all free.

Google Duo

This was recently brought out by Google. It is free to use. It also enables one-to-one video and voice calls and it works across both iOS and Android devices. 

This platform relies on your number, lets you reach people in your phone’s contacts list. This video call app also offers end-to-end encryption and has nifty features like Knock Knock, which allows you to see live video of your caller before you answer. Interesting right?


This is yet another simple video calling application for Android users that lets users make free video and voice calls over both Wi-Fi and mobile internet, and is accessible to both iOS and Android users. In Imo, you can make group calls and useless data for video calls.

In conclusion, here, you have them. My best video call apps for 2020. Read through again, select your favorite, and start connecting with your loved ones.