Under the sensor tower Store intelligence Statistics show that the global revenue of 1,000 mobile games will increase by 2020 Up to 30% year-on-year growth, Indicating that overall player spending has an upward trend. However, making a popular mobile game that generates revenue requires weighing and optimizing all the elements that make such a game successful, which is why we are happy to announce Sensor Tower’s popular Average Daily Active User Revenue (ARPDAU) metric It is now available in game intelligence for our business users to utilize the store and use intelligence.

Let’s take a look at how this important metric can provide important insights into your game development pipeline.

Game Intel ARPDAU in action

ARPDAU is a fully utilized metric in Sensor Tower Usage Intelligence, which compares the total revenue of all included applications with the total number of daily active users (DAU) of all included applications. This view is an accessible switch in Game Intelligence and can generate daily ARPDAU numbers as well as weekly and monthly views.

Combining Sensor Tower’s internal game taxonomy with ARPDAU in Game Intelligence, users will be able to see how the nuances of a particular game affect overall player spending. ARPDAU uses tags in game intelligence, including subtypes, settings, themes, and artistic styles. This allows for easy and rapid segmentation of the large and diverse mobile gaming sector, so your team can quickly gain insight into the game elements that drive player interest and promote revenue growth.

GI ARPDAU bubble chart screenshot

Game intelligence ARPDAU provides the best way to break down the “sticky” elements of high-consumption games, supported by our detailed and context-driven classification system, which will be updated regularly to grasp trends.


Game intelligence ARPDAU is an extremely valuable resource for game development and concept exploration, especially helpful to product and design teams. Here are some ways to break down ARPDAU in game intelligence:

  • Analyzing ARPDAU by sub-type will find that the difference in players’ consumption motivation depends on the meta-element of the game. For example, how does ARPDAU differ between Classic Match 3 and Puzzle & Decorate games?
  • Viewing ARPDAU by subject is an important lever for exploratory product development because it can find new subject opportunities for classic types. For example, what is the ARPDAU of a shooting game with a horror theme and a military theme?
  • By understanding ARPDAU through various artistic styles, the company can understand the types of players that are attracted by certain artistic styles and whether they are more suitable for free games that use advertising or IAP to generate revenue.

Overall, this feature will help your team explore different opportunities in the game market and discover the most effective elements to prepare the next version for high-value players.

Expand gaming intelligence

The merger of ARPDAU marks the first mixed data set that Game Intelligence will have access to, but it will not be the last. We are still exploring the most valuable metrics for our gaming customers, and we hope to apply our pioneering classification system in the most useful way.

Game Intel IAP picture

We hope that Game Intelligence will continue to be your valuable command center for all your gaming industry research and strategic planning. Please pay close attention to more innovative and useful features coming soon.

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