Are you searching for that platform where you can say your mind without fear of being banned or shut out? Then Truth social might just be the right platform for you. This application is limited for now and soon to be rolled out on Apple products was made by Donald Trump. Also, next year has been proposed for its full public launch.

The birth of Truth social was after the event that led to Donald trump’s account being banned on Facebook and Twitter. This was after the way he commented on the Capitol attack in the United States. We all know that Trump is someone that likes to express himself the way he wants without holding back anything. He also boasts that Truth Social would also be open to freedom of expression and fear of banning.

The Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) partnered with Trump Media and Technology Group to further make the platform more formidable. This even leads to the rise of the stock value of SPAC. This application uses a custom version of the free and open-source software called Mastodon. Truth Social copied a great deal of Twitter layout for its formation.

Common features of Truth Social

Just like other social media platforms, this also has some unique keywords that would be used. In fact, some of these words have been trademarked for this purpose.


This is the act of using this platform to express your mind.


This is the act of re-posting what someone has posted. This can be done in two ways such as adding a few texts before re-posting what gad initially being posted. Or by just posting the content of the post alone.

Post a Truth

This is the act of expressing yourself in a text and posting for all users to see.


Here you would be able to edit your profile to your desired taste and also keep tabs on comments, likes, followers, and followings.

Truth Feed

While surfing on the platform, here you will see posts, videos, and ideas of people whom you follow.

Sign-Up for Waiting List

The application is just released for beta testers on Appstore. To get started for pre-registration on your Appstore. Make sure you search for Truth social from T Media Tech LLC. But they have promised for release on the android’s Playstore to be rolled out by next year.

As soon as it is available the news of the release on Playstore would be announced on various new outlets. Beware of fake apps pretending to be truth social. Make sure you download the app from T Media-Tech LLC

General Reception of the Application

The general reception of truth social has been worthy of celebrating. Others praised it by saying they finally have a platform where they can openly and freely express their minds. Without having the fear of being banned. Others argued that in times past, media platforms like Gad and Parler. Was also created to mock the giants of social media, but ended up failing woefully.

Careful analysis by financial experts says that the application has good potentials if managed well enough. And as seen with what has happened with SPAC stock value when it partnered with the application a few days back. It could further lead to dwindling in the share price of Facebook and Twitter.

In fact furthermore, on the reception of the application, a hacker known as anonymous used a means to detect the domain of the application through the mobile beta version. And released the URL to the public to sign-up and create parody accounts of top and influential people in society. This was swiftly detected and brought down soon.

In conclusion, Truth social has been tagged to be a voice to all. This aside it has also warned that any user who criticizes trump or the platform would also be kicked off. It affirms that this platform was created to mock and also end the dominance of the big tech companies. For now, only Apple product users would be able to access it. But more versions would be available for download by the year 2022.