Top Best  Printer To Buy 2020


Using a tablet or smartphone as a camera is very common these days. And being able to print the images right away, anywhere, anytime is just great. This is possible, thanks to the mobile printer. But why choose this type of device and how to recognize the best model on the Internet?


These are our selection of the best portable printers

  • The HP brand Officejet 200 portable printer

This compact printer allows you to edit photos and documents anytime, anywhere. Its lightness and compactness make it easy to transport. It fits easily in a backpack or a briefcase. The user can connect it to a Smartphone, a tablet or a laptop using the USB cable supplied with it or the Wi-Fi network. Its ink cartridge can last a long time even with regular use.

  • The PhotoBee brand portable photo printer

This compact printer allows you to produce clear and good quality photos. Operating by thermal sublimation, it does not need ink when printing but papers specially designed for it. The connection with the tablet, the Smartphone or the notebook is done via the Wi-Fi network. Small in size, this printer can be carried everywhere in a bag.


  • The HP brand Sprocket portable photo printer

With Bluetooth functionality, this portable printer allows you to edit photos or documents on a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Printed images are borderless and colors are vibrant. It does not need ink since the photo papers compatible with this device are already ready for use. A micro-USB cable is supplied with to recharge its battery.


  • The Epson brand WF-100 portable inkjet printer

Convenient and easy to use, this inkjet printer can produce documents and photos in A4 format. It can be connected to a Smartphone or a tablet via a Wi-Fi connection or with a USB cable. Its plastic case fears neither friction nor scratches. Its battery guarantees functional autonomy.


  • Mini Thermal Printer with Battery

And yes, you may not have thought about it, but these small supermarket receipt printers are excellent for printing small documents, and even simple black and white photos! This model is supplied with a battery, and above all, its strong point is that it does not require ink! Thermal paper allows direct printing without ever running out of ink.


A small, simple printer that can be fun for kids, or yourself, for printing little memos on the train, for example.


The main advantages of a portable printer

The portable printer is more often known as a “portable printer” that allows you to quickly print snapshots stored on a Smartphone, tablet, laptop or memory card. With Bluetooth technology or a wireless connection, the user will have no trouble connecting it to their device. A portable printer is both compact and lightweight. Space-saving, it can be transported everywhere and fits easily in a bag or even in a pocket.


The unique thing about a portable printer is that some models work without ink. The manufacturer already offers paper with integrated ink compatible with these devices for printing photos and documents. Also, it allows you to do some retouching on the images before proceeding to the print. The dimensions of the printed photos vary depending on the model of the chosen camera.


The criteria to see when acquiring a mobile printer

The first point concerns the connectivity of the portable printer. The existence of wireless technology: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared, etc. is strongly recommended so that you can easily connect the device with a tablet, smartphone, notebook / Chromebook or laptop.


The performance of the portable printer is also worth seeing. It is reflected in the quality of the photos printed, the plurality of possible dimensions, the printing speed, etc. If you have the choice, you must opt ​​for a nomad printer with a high resolution and capable of printing 10 to 15 photos per minute.


The power of the mobile printer is the third criterion to see. Most have a battery, so you can use it wherever the owner goes. On the other hand, having an AC adapter is always advantageous to be able to save the battery at home. A cigarette lighter socket is also recommended to recharge the battery when the user is traveling in his car.