android apps for cars

With the uprising of new technology every day, the Android platform is not left behind, as they bring an extensive variety of mobile applications every year. 

However, there some Android apps that have been specially designed for your cars. 

Some work independently, ranging from fuel-saving, traffic management, gas stations, and parking solution. 

You should note that the one focus of these android apps for cars is to give that better and furnished driving experience.

So, are you looking for reliable assistance on the drive? Are you aware of Android apps for cars? Well, I’ve got a few android apps for your car to accompany you. Let’s begin



The first on my list is the Android app that keeps you informed in real-time about the road or routes you take. While a user is driving, Waze offers turn-by-turn directions, traffic-specific guide. 

The app also directs u on custom routes and alerts you about unfortunate hazards as well as on-the-road accidents if there is any.

With Waze, users can pinpoint police locations, share their ETA, and progress. Waze app for care is the most comprehensive driving app that is optimized for user interest. Integrate Waze with Facebook and you can discover amazing gas prices nearby.


Android Auto

This is another android app for cars and it is completely free for android users. With Android Auto, driving on the road becomes more controlled and powerful. 

This is because, the app gives you quick and complete access to Google Maps, messages, music apps, and all utilities that you might need.

You can access it on your car’s touchscreen if the vehicle has android built-in. otherwise. You can just access it on your device or mount it on the dashboard.

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Just as the name suggests, this app help users economize their spending on gas by suggesting gas prices near a location. GasBuddy enables users to pick the gas station at an affordable price. With this feature, this Android app is the best for a user long road travel.



This android app adds power and flexibility to a user car drive. Drivvo help to keep a close watch on driving-related elements such as repairs & maintenance, gas usage, miles traveled, and much more.

 If you can’t handle hassle in professional driving, you should consider installing Drivvo on your device.

Regular commuters and drivers count on this amazing app to monitor expenses for tax. 

As well as taking the right call for maintenance with its incredible feature of maintenance records.



TomTom is another app designed to give you a parallel solution to free GPS apps Google Maps. 

This android app has a clutter-free, simple, and intuitive interface. It also offers speed camera warning that alerts you on upcoming speed limits.

Although TomTom is not free, it requires a monthly subscription. But with this app, you don’t need to carry along heavy gadget units to reach your destination. That is something worth paying for. 



This is one of those brilliant car apps that deliver seamless connectivity experience to users. Although Automatic sometimes requires a separate car adapter for its smooth functioning. 

Automatic is a little bit costly but it will turn your vehicle into a more connected experience. 

Automatic enables parking reminders, fuel economy management, brake actions, and mileage tracking. 

The most amazing feature of this android app for cars is that it helps analyses your car’s engine light. It also guides you around maintenance issues and helps monitors all car-related mechanisms.


Beat the Traffic

Are you a regular commuter, but still want to get heads-up on how thick the traffic is going to be? I mean, there has to be an app that makes your daily movements easier, convenient, and smooth.

Oh yes! Beat the Traffic is the android app for your car. 

Just as the name implies, the app helps you be informed of any traffic jam incidents. Beat the Traffic provides real-time traffic updates, and this information is contributed by community users. 

This android app for cars also helps reroutes and allows you to report an incident with other road users using the app. 


Torque Pro

This is an android app that helps you with troubleshooting your car engine mechanism. Torque Pro uses Bluetooth to connect with various OBD to your android devices.

 Then it reads the code of check engine lights indicator. 

Torque Pro is a friendly app to mechanics and also to those who prefer to fix their car on their own. 

With this android app for cars, you can monitor various car stats like CO2 emissions, alarms, GPS speedometer.   


EOBD Facile

Imagine an app that could help run a diagnosis using your android device. 

If you need to know why your car’s engine light is on or see how your car’s system works, don’t go far. Because EOBD Facile is just the android app for your car.  

To use this app, you should first connect E327 to the car’s OBD port. Then run the application, after which you can now check data, engine, and transmission faults in real-time via the app. 

You should note that for the app to work, you need Bluetooth, WiFi compatible interface. 



You just read a detailed list of best Android apps for your cars. The list comprises of different apps for different purposes. Read through again and select the one that suits your need perfectly.