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Top 10 Must Have Apps for Medical Students

      Top 10 Must-Have Apps for Medical                                    Students 2019

Getting through medical studies can be one of the most tedious things one will ever face in a lifetime. Well, there is a piece of good news? You don’t have to do it alone or worry alone. Nothing can measure up for the sacrifice but then this will go a long way than folding hands. Tech is making life easier for everyone, Here is a quick snippet to the favorite Apps that can make work a lot more easier. Let’s count down to the 10 picks of the must-have apps for medical students that will make studying medical or health-related studies a lot easier than never before.

1. MedCalX

Most Medical students, residents, and physicians keep their cell phones close at all times, and this may not be to keep a tab on friends on facebook, Whatsapp or other text platforms. Why will they keep it close then? Because apps like MedCalX help them do their jobs better and efficiently with lots of accuracies. This medical calculator gives access to lots of complex medical formulas, scores, scales, and classification with ease at your fingertips.

medicalx Available in five different languages and we expect more to come real soon, MedCalX is time-sensitive and can be used if need be these means you can be customized with your favorite equations meaning.


2. Prognosis

Imagine ever been faced with over 500 specialist cases whereby you have to fix it across 30 specialties into one medical educational aid, Prognosis might look or even feel like a game but it’s also very very efficient a tool ( well it’s more than an app) you even tend to learn from your mistakes thereby developing a vital skill in decision-making.

With over 4Million download since 2015, it is used by tons of healthcare professionals (so don’t be surprised if your doctor suggests it to you on your next visit ) Doctors, Nurses have it handy.

3. Micromedex

Used and recommended by 3,500 hospitals in over 80 countries and with large trusted health resources of more than 40years. Micromedex gives you evidence-based information aimed at making doctors, pharmacists, and other health workers work more easier, This app will help you make informed decisions and avoid common mistakes or doubts
Also an invaluable app more like a dictionary for all for medical students, the user-friendly Micromedex has a interface with drug informations this app is a convenient single source for all your clinical information, with a database consisting of more than 4,000 search terms, including generic and trade names contraindications, indications, adverse effects, and many more you need to be aware of.



This free app lets users browse and search thousands of common medical eponyms, There are more than 8,000 medical eponyms named after the people and places associated with the identification of disease. Keeping track of these eponyms and how it was named can be a whole dimension to work. This is a perfect app for medical students who want to know more and are already struggling with managing an immense amount of information they have at hand.






This very app is a hidden gem of medical apps, this medical app helps users gain access to all functionality for which the web has been known for.
You can easily navigate clinical and drug content, you can also take and share notes with classmates and your colleagues, find critical drug interactions, and improve your differential diagnosis abilities all on the app.





6. Daily Rounds

This is unlike the 5 aforementioned, it is Updated on a daily basis, you can term it as a digital journal as it puts the latest medical/clinical cases from med schools around the globe in your front pocket. Daily Rounds’ is a case-based app witch lots of solutions to the problem generated. This helps medical students and also gives medical students a first-hand look at the latest, relevant and well-curated clinical scenarios.





7. Medscape

This app is highly-rated and has over 10million downloads. With great features which include medical news, drug information also can be used for clinical presentations, workups and treatment information lastly it can be used for continuing medical courses, now isn’t that mind-blowing? Like that is not enough you can use the app offline too when you don’t have internet access.


8. Epocrates

Apps for Medical StudentsEpocrates is trusted by a most leading healthcare provider because of its feature and lots of advantages and helps in making medical decisions it also saves time and delivers patient-focused care within a twinkle of an eye. Everything from drug interaction checks to deep analysis peer-peer review and disease content.
Time is one of a medical student’s most valuable assets, comments and reviews from users show that Epocrates help to save time at least 30 minutes a day, this should be reason enough to get the app.



9. Brainscape

Studying Medical-related courses can be somewhat a task with plenty of workloads. Imagine having to easily increase your active recalls and metacognition. This app, which tasks itself as “flashcards on steroids,” got the power of this scientifically-proven retention technique that helps students learn more easily and efficiently.Apps for Medical Students

In addition to testing your knowledge with Brainscape’s users can also mark their progress, share with other social media, and bookmark cards for review at a later time ad they like.



10. Human Anatomy Atlas

Human Anatomy Atlas has a 3D atlas of both genders which will make you like anatomy regardless of your former idea about it. You might just make the body your new best pal. Likely the best is “gold

Apps for Medical Students


standard” of anatomy reference apps, this app comprises more than 9,000 3D structures (you can zoom in and out, pan, and rotate 360 from multiple viewpoints), you also get all definitions, right pronunciations, Latin terms, and the detailed explanations. You can also test your knowledge with the mouthwatering 1,000 quiz questions.

Medical students go through a whole lot in medical school and have a whole lot of book to cover, these 10 apps can make life a whole lot easier for them. These apps for medical students will not only help you manage your time keeping up with the best practices and staying updated to become easier.

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