The Thumby game console is a ridiculously little game perfect for your thumbs. It prides itself as the world’s smallest game console. It comes with about five games installed upon the start-up of the device. Its size is about 18mm by 29.5mm by 8.5mm. It has a pad with four directions and two separate control buttons. It has a switch button on and off on top of the rectangular-shaped device. And the charging port is located at the base of the device.

Thumby game console stays hook-up to your keychain and can be attached to your belt holder too. It is built around the Raspberry Pi RP2040 processor. It is a rechargeable device that can last up to5 hours of playtime. It is being sold for 49 for early bird buyers and $19 for other customers. It has an OLED display that allows for multi-player with the help of a link cable. It also allows users to create their own games using the MicroPython programming language.

What is Unique About Thumby Game Console

While we have numerous games in the world, here come quite a different game held in the hands played with thumbs because of its shape.

  • It is ridiculously small with size 18mm by 29.5mm by 8.5mm.
  • It runs on Raspberry Pi processor.
  • It has five games installed upon start –up which are TinyAnnelid, TinyDelvere, TinyTris, TinySaur Run and R.F.S.D.
  • You can create your own game and download to thumby
  • A monochrome OLED display
  • Made with a plastic case with built in rechargeable battery with usb cord.
  • A buzzer for sounds
  • Allows for multi player function through the use of thumby link cable.
  • The battery can last for up to two hours of game time.
  • Six buttons that includes a four way directional button and two single action buttons.
  • Two Mb of storage for inputting your desired games.
  • It comes in gray, light blue and magenta colours. It also comes in a gold plated colour for $35.

In conclusion, this game might simply not be for everyone based on its little shape and those with large hands and thumbs might find it difficult to navigate through. But the game console is a new creative innovation that is here to stay for a long while based on its reception on its first launch day. It surpassed its initial expectations of just $15,000 with a whopping $33,000 made.  It’s safe to say lots of people are thrilled with this innovation. So go grab your own thumby game console and enjoy all the games therein.