With another week coming to an end, our NextPit time is up again, we will trek through the maze of important technical events this week and choose our winners and losers. This time, we decided to award the title of winner to Blue Origin, which successfully “beated” Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic by flying to a higher altitude. Our loser this week is Jeff Bezos’s insensitive comments on employees funding his space flight and a difficult choice between a global internet outage that caused several popular websites and services to be disrupted for hours. .

In the end, we chose the latter as our loser. But before we talk about our choice of winners and losers, let’s take a quick look at other important technical stories from the past week.

OnePlus Nord 2 arrives, Samsung is testing 65W fast charge?

One of the most important smartphone releases this week is the official release of OnePlus’ new mid-range smartphone – OnePlus North 2Launched as the successor to OnePlus Nord last year, the device was launched only a few months after the company announced another mid-range product. We are still working hard to complete a comprehensive review of the phone.But my friend Antoine has Here is his first impression of the device. Read it and let us know what you think!

since Galaxy Note 7 explosion door, Samsung has been using batteries and fast chargers safely. Although some of Samsung’s flagship models now offer 45W fast charging support, the company lags behind in this regard compared to Chinese brands.This may change with the next generation of Samsung Galaxy S devices, thanks to Recent rumors This implies that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series may support 65W fast charging.

Apple MagSafe battery pack, Realme MagDart and new super fast charging technology from iQOO and Oppo

A series of new technologies and accessories related to charging have also appeared this week.The main highlight of the week is Apple’s MagSafe battery pack It is priced at $99 and has already reached the first batch of consumers. The Apple Magsafe battery pack can wirelessly charge the iPhone at 15W when connected to a power outlet (only 5W for portable use).

New Apple MagSafe Power Bank/ © Apple

A few days after the MagSafe mobile power supply arrived, Realme showed some interesting things. The name of the product is obviously inspired by Apple’s MagSafe, and the name is Realme MagDart. In fact, we also talked about this in our winner/loser article last week. Until now, we have no more information about the product. In any case, we still don’t know when these products will actually enter the market. However, what we do know is that the MagDart product line at least initially consists of two wireless charging pads.

Next, we have Oppo and iQOO (the latter is a sub-brand of Vivo), both of which announced new fast charging technology and speed. And OPPO Made improvements With its already fast 65W fast charging technology, iQOO is May launch a smartphone that supports 160W fast charging According to current rumors, it was as early as August 4th.

Samsung’s 2021 foldable phone reaches IPX8 rating, and the new MacBook will be launched from September to November

Earlier this week, Samsung confirmed the date of the next Galaxy Unpacked event, which may officially release several new devices. Among the most interesting ones include the company’s new foldable devices-Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. Now only a few weeks before the release of these devices, there is a steady stream of leaks surrounding the possible specifications of these devices.

Samsung Galaxy z fold 3 s pen

Samsung’s 2021 foldable device may reach IPX8/© Samsung

In the latest such leaks, it is said that Samsung’s two foldable smartphones this year will be equipped with IPX8 protection levelPlease note that this is different from IP68 protection, which means that the product can be immersed for more than 1 meter. Of water. So yes, starting this year, you can bring a foldable smartphone to the swimming pool.

Does Apple plan to launch a new MacBook Pro series later this year?Yes, if we believe the nearest Bloomberg ReportAccording to them, Apple is likely to launch new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros from September to November 2021. These new machines may be equipped with a brand new design, miniLED display, and of course a brand new Apple M1X chip, up to 10 cores (8 large cores and 2 high-efficiency cores), which is higher than the M1’s 4 + 4 core design .

Winner of the week: Blue Origin “wins” the space race

There is no denying that when you read this paragraph, a new space race is underway. Unlike previous space races where countries competed against each other, this time, it is the turn of billionaires around the world to compete with each other. This week saw two privately invested “space” companies trying to cooperate with each other.

Thomas Kelly shutters 1401639818

Jeff Bezos’ BlueOrigin won the private space race this week! / © Thomas Kelley / Shutterstock.com

Although Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic did successfully defeat Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and entered space first, Bezos would have the last laugh because it became clear that he went further. people. However, when Bezos returned to Earth, the situation was different. He was named for unkindly thanking Amazon employees for funding his space dream, causing controversy.

This week’s loser: Another global Internet outage

Are Internet outages becoming more common these days? The answer to this question may be controversial, but we can be sure that due to the DNS failure of CDN provider Akamai, a large number of Internet failures occurred on Thursday. After that, some of the most popular websites, applications, and services on the planet were down for a long time. Affected companies include UPS, FedEx, Airbnb, Fidelity, Last Pass, PlayStation Network and OnePlus.

Do you agree with our choice of winners and losers this week? Please let us know in the comments below!


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