We are in an era where we need to constantly check our temperature and thermometer apps could be of great use. Covid 19 is no longer news to anybody regardless of where you live. It is threatening the world and hence the need for us all to be careful. You can protect yourself by washing your hands frequently, avoiding touching your face, and avoiding close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people who are unwell.

The thermometer comes in handy to check your temperature and be sure you are fine as the earlier you detect the disease the better. In this blog post, I will list and give download links ( both ios and android) for the best mobile app that can work like a thermometer.

It will help you to easily get the indoor, outdoor, or body temperature. There are lots of apps that help you to measure the temperature for free. I know you want your smartphone to have the best thermometer apps.

1. iThermonitor

This app is a great choice and hence why it came as the 1st on the log is very popular and this thermometer apps are for both android and iOS users ( I see you smiling ) you can now check your temperature easily with your smartphone.

iThermonitor is a free and easy-to-use app getting your body temperature has never been easier. It is your personal doctor to the app which you can use to detect as far as knowing if you have a fever and it comes with a graphical representation of your health state. You have this professional analysis at your fingertips.

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2.Finger Body Temperature

Fingerprint body temperature is yet another awesome thermometer app that lets you get your body temperature for free and with great interphase. It is a fully prank app to prank with your friends and family.

This App comes very useful in checking if you have a fever which can also help you in detecting and earlier stages of covid19. Just like every other app, you will need to install the app to use it

After downloading and installing you can use it by placing your finger on your device it will then calculate the body temperature and it will bring back the result and also let you know your health state with a quality image that explains it all.

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3. Real Thermometer

Real Thermometer is very a powerful and lovely thermometer app with great features. It is very good and powerful as it comes with a passive infrared sensor to detect and measure your body temperature.

Not only body temperature you can also measure object temperature is that not great? It is easy to use and a free app for all smartphones. Keeping the object 3-5cm away from the sensor will measure the temperature. This has to be one of the best features of this app. Synchronizing will make you get a report of your device’s health and temperature.

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4. Smart Thermometer

Smart ThermometerSmart Thermometer is by far the simplest and the easiest to use for temperature checking. The app comes with a temperature sensor that can be used to check the temperature near your smartphone.

It uses GPS so your device must be GPS enabled and it must be given permission on your android device as it is not yet on ios devices.

If you want to show fake temperature for a fake location then you can easily use fake GPS apps on your smartphone. The Internet can also be used on the smartphone to get the location temperature.

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5. Smarttemp

SmarttempSmarttemp is a very popular temperature measure apps and it is both for android and iOS users. You can easily use this app on your smartphone and get a temperature for free.

It is easy to use and free app for all smartphone users. The reason why I love and will tell you to have this app, it has a feature that helps you track each member of your family after creating an account.

You can as well set a reminder on this app to check and view the temperature history of your family. Aside from all of these it also allows you to add notes to each temperature reading.

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6. iCelsius

iCelsius is an amazing thermometer app for all users it allows you to get the temperature of your body or whoever you want to check his/her temperature on your smartphones without flinching. With this app, you will consider buying a thermometer to check body temperature and excess.

It is a very popular digital app thermometer by which everyone can easily get a fever temperature. The best part of the app is that it comes with a live display ( yes you read that correctly ) you can pinch drag in and out zoom and also record readings.

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In conclusion, it is essential for us all to take precautions please endeavor to notify the appropriate authorities of your country. When you notice symptoms of this virus stay safe and keep reading my tabloid cheers. And the above thermometer apps are there to help you know your temperature. If the need be. Which is always the first step when staying safe