The U.S. Federal Trade Commission voted to pass a new policy to restore repair rights


Come back in mayAccording to reports, the US Federal Trade Commission admitted that the company’s anti-maintenance strategy is hurting small businesses and consumers. Today, the US Federal Trade Commission announced that it has voted unanimously to crack down on violating companies that deliberately make it difficult for third parties to repair products outside of its repair network.

The Federal Trade Commission voted unanimously today to strengthen law enforcement against maintenance restrictions that prevent small businesses, workers, consumers, and even government entities from repairing their products.

These types of restrictions can significantly increase consumer costs, stifle innovation, close business opportunities for independent repair shops, cause unnecessary e-waste, delay timely repairs, and undermine resilience[…] The FTC has a series of tools that can be used to eradicate illegal repair restrictions, and today’s policy statement will make us commit to advancing this issue with new vigor. ”– Lina Khan, Chairman of FTC

This FTC commitment is a great victory for the right to maintenance movement. This applies not only to smartphones and consumer technology, but also to all industries such as automobiles, household appliances, and industrial machinery. In addition, the FTC urges everyone to submit complaints regarding violations of the Magnuson-Moss warranty law. Basically, if Apple invalidates your iPhone warranty because the iPhone is repaired with after-sales parts, then they are breaking the law.

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The FTC is responsible for handling consumer protection laws and anti-competitive practices. Although it is great to see the FTC making progress in considering consumer issues, there is still a lot of work to be done to prevent the company from opposing anti-maintenance practices.To file a company’s violation of pro-consumer laws, please go to


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