Ever heard of PayPal? Do you even have any idea on what PayPal? What does it do? How does it work? Or just what PayPal MasterCard is? Well, let’s begin with a preface. Let’s say that PayPal is a payment system that allows buyers to send money to sellers virtually, without involving personal checking, credit card, or debit card numbers. However, PayPal is safe, widely accepted, and seamless when paying for items online. 

Now, let’s give it a proper definition

What is PayPal?

We simply put, PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments. All you need do is register your credit card or debit card with your PayPal account. Then, you can pay by simply choosing PayPal at checkout, log into your PayPal account, and simply confirming your payment. 

Now, PayPal completes the process for you. Choose PayPal when you select a payment option on the PayPal site, and you can quickly open a PayPal account and add your payment method to complete your purchase. You can always use your PayPal account to shop with millions of merchants and sellers around the globe wherever you see the PayPal logo.”

Being a PayPal member:

You would be able to transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account

You can also get a cash advance from your credit card and deposit the amount in your PayPal account

Also, you can transfer money from your own PayPal account to another member’s PayPal account

You can also transfer money from your PayPal account to your checking or savings account

Being a PayPal member, you will also have a check mailed to you for the balance of your PayPal account

And finally, you can get a PayPal debit card that you can use to make real-world purchases from your PayPal account

The benefits of using PayPal

Now, as we said earlier, PayPal is a fast and easy way to buy things online. It is the preferred method of payment on many shopping websites, besides just eBay. Paypal offers the benefits listed below:

Flexibility for Sellers

Now, With a PayPal membership, even very small volume sellers can quickly and easily accept payments that originate from buyers’ credit or debit cards.


Speed is also one of the interesting benefits of using PayPal. Because, PayPal transfers between sellers are instant, and transfers from PayPal accounts to bank accounts can take as little as 24 hours.


PayPal is very affordable. Usually, the fee to use Paypal is 30 cents per transaction, plus 3% of the total amount of the transaction.

Safe Buying

This Payment system offers buyer guarantees and a specific process for disputing transactions. Therefore, users always have recourse whether they are a buyer who didn’t get what they ordered or a seller who may worry she will be stiffed on payment.

Account Privacy 

One important benefit is that PayPal is secure. However, this means a level of account protection not offered by brick-and-mortar stores for buyers, where retailers commonly have buyers’ account information in-hand after purchases.

Ease of Record Keeping

PayPal users can pull reports and users are provided with 1099 if they have more than 200 transactions in sales.

Acceptance Online

This payment system is now a common method of payment on many shopping websites, as well as websites that take payment for any other reason.

Now, let’s move on to PayPal Mastercard.

With PayPal you can always use your PayPal Cashback Mastercard to shop everywhere Mastercard is accepted. There are no purchase restrictions. Also, users get 2% cashback every day, every purchase, every time they use their card. 


Why PayPal MasterCard?

No extra fee attached

Getting this card won’t cost you anything extra. It is so because it doesn’t charge an annual fee. Also, if you avoid interest charges by paying your balance in full, you could earn 100% profit form this card.

You can use your card upon approval:

The moment PayPal approves your application, you can start using the card through your PayPal account while waiting for it to arrive in the mail. 

No foreign transaction fee: 

Most of these no-annual-fee cards charge a 3% fee on any foreign transactions, which can add up if you travel abroad and use your credit card frequently. However, the PayPal Mastercard doesn’t have this fee, you can use it internationally without paying more. 

This payment system card has several extra benefits, most notably purchase protection, extended warranty coverage, and identity theft resolution assistance among others.


You’ll love the PayPal MasterCard if you want one card to use for all your expenses. When it comes to flat-rate cards, the 2% cash-back rate on the PayPal MasterCard ranks near the top.

We live now in an electronic global economy and in this day and age, it is very common to buy items online, possibly from a seller in another country. We live in an economy where we are just a computer screen away from each other. The point is PayPal is safe, trusted, and efficient way to purchase goods or services online from anyone. And of course, PayPal MasterCard is simply the card for you. 

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