Soundcloud is a social network dedicated to musicians. This network allows all members to distribute their songs on the channel available there depending on the musical genre in which their music falls. In SoundCloud, a complete song must be uploaded for the application to analyze.

This is in order so that anyone who listens to any Soundcloud user’s content can post a comment in a certain second of the song. You even get to download any music of your choice from the platform. And can convert to Mp3 using its downloader to your device.

Who Owns Soundcloud?

Alexander Ljung is the owner of Soundcloud and the founder of SoundCloud limited.

How To Download Soundcloud On Android, Ios And Computer

For Computer

  • To begin, install BlueStacks in PC
  • After Bluestacks installation, double-click its icon from the desktop to launch it.
  • Once BlueStacks is launched, you need to log in via email from within Bluestacks
  • Click “Play Store” button in the emulator
  • Search for SoundCloud
  • The App will display then you can install.

For Android

  • Go to your Android devices and go to the Google Play Store.
  • Tap the icon from your Home screen.
  • Go to Search at the right corner and type “Soundcloud”
  • Tap the Soundcloud icon.
  • Tap the Install button.


  • Using your ios device, go to the app store.
  • Tap the icon from your ios device home screen.
  • Go to search and type “soundcloud”
  • Tap the soundcloud icon.
  • Then install and login.

Features Of Soundcloud

  • Search for new music.
  • Follow users
  • Record sounds and share them instantly on SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Listen to any song via streaming, with the possibility of comments.
  • Record new sounds and send them to other users privately.

Pros And Cons Of Soundcloud


  • It unlock unlimited upload time for users.
  • Users get paid fairly for plays.
  • It gives users access to audience insights.
  • It gives users access to replace their track without losing its stats.
  • It gives users access to pin their favorite tracks.


  • It doesn’t have much pre-existing content.
  • It won’t automatically import your existing podcast episodes.

10 Alternatives To Soundcloud

1.     Spotify

Spotify is the best alternative to SoundCloud and It is one of the top music streaming platforms. Spotify has an excellent music discovery algorithm and it helps users to find new artists and old favorites based on what they like or listen to on the platform.

2.     Apple Music

Apple Music is another SoundCloud alternative that offers an exciting feature for your music listening pleasure. The app has more human-curated discovery options though they’re not that effective.

3.     Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a platform that allows users to upload music to libraries. The library can be accessed from anywhere as it has cross-platform support. It’s free to use, but it has a premium version, much better than the free one. Google Play Music can also be used as a music player app to play local files.

4.     Mixcloud

Mixcloud is a site excellent for both listeners and musicians. Content creators and musicians get an opportunity to showcase their talents, whereas listeners can listen and judge the work through comments.

5.     Audiomack

Audiomack is a music service platform specially made for both listeners and creators. As a creator, you can upload your work to get the potential reach. As a listener, you can discover and listen to new and trending songs. Audiomack allows listeners to like, repost and share songs on other social networks.

6. allows users to stream and listen to music through a playlist that is curated. On last.FM users Get access to music from a wide range of browsers, music players, and audio platforms. scrobble users’ frequent searches and suggest music accordingly.

7.     Deezer

Deezer is an audio music platform from France and is available for users from 182 countries. Deezer gives users access to a wide music collection and access to customized radio.

8.     YouTube Music

Youtube Music is a musical version of popular Youtube and it has a unique feature known as ‘Hotlist,’ where it lists all trending songs. The Hotlist section of YouTube Music could be enough to meet users’ moods with unlimited music. It also shows music recommendations based on users’ recent search, taste, and location.

9.     Pandora

Pandora is one of the top-rated music streaming apps. The service has both free and premium plans. The free account is limited to a few features, but you can unlock some beneficial features with the premium version. It also has features like unlimited skips, better audio quality, ad-free music which is available for premium users. 

10.   Tidal

Tidal is a great alternative because it is a music and entertainment platform that offers more than 70 million songs in its catalog, high-resolution videos, high-fidelity sound quality, and expertly curated content.  It has users in over 61 countries of the world.

Is it Free and Subcription

It is a free platform for both listeners and creators. To unlock some features like Distribute unlimited music to Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and Instagram a premium version is needed. Which is $144/year.

Soundcloud PRO?

SoundCloud Pro gives users access to unlimited features on Soundcloud from sharing of music to growing of creators’ careers.

How To Use Soundcloud As A Listener?

  • Go to SoundCloud app and create an account using facebook, email or google account option.
  • To edit your profile, click your display name on the top right of the screen, then click “Profile.”
  • Upload a header image and profile image to personalize your page.
  • To edit your display name. click the “Edit” button underneath the image. You can also add your bio. “Save changes” when you’re finished.
  • To start listening on SoundCloud, navigate to the “Discover” page by clicking the “Home” tab to see by search for specific content using the search bar.

How To Use Soundcloud As An Artist?

  • SoundCloud is a good place to be for creators as there are many tools to share your work and experience growth.
  • To upload a track to SoundCloud, click “Upload.” You can drag and drop files into the upload box or choose files to upload from your computer.
  • Consider setting the privacy for your audio track by clicking “Public” or “Private.”
  • You can also choose to enable downloads for your track and add or change track information.
  • You can also enable the comment and sharing option.

How To Download Songs On Soundcloud?

  • Search for the song you want to download on the website or app.
  • Then press the ” Download ” button. In the drop-down menu you will see your Soundcloud song.
  • Tap the ” Download MP3″ button.

How To Open An Account On Soundcloud?

  • Go to soundcloud app or website and click the “Sign up” button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then you will be asked to sign up with Facebook, Google or email.
  • If you want to register with Facebook, click on that option and you will be redirected to an authorization screen where you must check if you want to receive emails from Soundcloud and accept the terms of use and privacy policy. Fill out the form and click on “Sign up.”
  • Same applicable to other options
  • Then you are in.

Soundcloud Downloader

This Downloader is an online downloader that is used to download tracks, songs, music in mp3 format. To download SoundCloud on an mp3 track, only the link to the track is needed, then you click on “ Download”. 

Types Of Device Soundcloud Is Available On

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PC
  • Mac

Soundcloud GO

SoundCloud Go is the premium subscription plan offering listeners full access to over 20Om tracks, ad-free and can be downloaded to watch offline.


Downloading songs and music is a whole lot of struggle but with Soundcloud It is easy and gives its users a free plan to listen to artists from anywhere in the world.

It also suggests your songs based on your liking. The more you use the app the more fine suggestions it brings. It suggests your music uploaded within the last few days so you can update your playlists regularly.