Smart tv is also known as connected TV (CTV). It is usually embedded with the internet, web features, and interactions. It allows users to stream music and videos, surf the internet, view photos, and videos and also voice recognition. It is basically setting up all functions of computers and television altogether in one device.

It makes it easy to access streaming television, online radio, and other online content. Smart tv allows its users to install and run some applications on it. You get access to movies, shows, video games, and more. You even get to connect your phones for some advanced function like casting your media to the tv.

Some common applications on television are Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, etc. More electronic companies are beginning to adopt this new trend of smart tv. Companies like Apple, Samsung, HiSense, Amazon, Sharp, LG, Sony, Microsoft, Sony, etc. When shopping for smart tv, you need to be keen on the following which includes picture quality, sound quality, connectivity, and gaming experience.

Smart tv helps to access online content through the use of connected Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Once connected to the internet, you get to see the online channels that are available. Then you can view any channel of your choice. Navigation on this digital tv varies across different manufacturers and models.  

Awesome Uses of Smart TV

Smart tv has a variety of functions that makes life comfortable for its users. These features are different from what your regular tv offers you. To get started with your advanced tv you need a good connection to the internet (older models made use of Ethernet cable). A good broadband speed of about 25Mbps to get a decent experience. Some of these functions include:

  • Social networking

It makes it easy to surf through various social media platforms to do basic daily operations there through your timeline.

  • Advertising

Often times you get to see some targeted advert on your screen. This can serve as a way for the manufactures to make extra bucks.

  • Streaming and control

This allows you to stream with Wi-Fi videos, pictures, and music of your choice. It also gives you home automation with devices like light bulbs, washing machines, thermostats, etc

  • Screen sharing

You are able to project the screen of your phone or tablet on a wider surface for a more advanced view.

Making Regular TV Smart

Often time we like going for the latest gadget available but the truth is it might have a huge cost implication. If you have a regular tv and it still functions well then you don’t need to spend that extra cash going for another tv. There are some things you can do to make that great difference.

  • Connect a media streamer (roku express+) through the use of internet or Ethernet cable with your HDMI port on tv.
  • Making use of a media stick just about the shape of usb drive connected to Wi-Fi. The stick is also connected to a charging port for continues use.
  • The use of Blu-ray disc, DVD and CDs gives access to some internet streaming channel.
  • Home theater and stereo provides access to some online music channels

Downsides of Smart TV

In time past we have seen situations where hackers get access to smart tv and take advantage of the web-cam to view their intending prey thereby attacking them. They could also have access to the web addresses, IP addresses, Passwords, etc.  We also have some anti-malware software that can be downloaded on the smart tv for the safety of the user’s data.

Especially if one smart tv contains a webcam and audio features then we might be at risk of the hacker seeing or hearing out on one’s daily activities. Also, the use of credit cards to purchase online content might be trackable, hence the need to be extra careful.

Finally, the bottom line remains that the use of smart tv is quite an enjoyable experience that one would cherish and love for a lifetime. We also do have a variety of options for a different brand name for you to choose from. So if you want to buy a tv that has the access to online content ans unlimited streaming, then the smart tv is a great choice for you.