Siri stands for Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface. It is an assistant found on any Apple product. This is a digital help that helps to get things done on devices like iPadOS, iOS, WatchOS, MacOS, TVOS. It is dated from far back as 1994 from the Apple product iPhone 4s.

By default, Siri cannot be placed under a gender. But most generally it has a female voice but you can decide to change it to a male voice if you want to. You can even progress further by changing its accent from its wide range of options present. Siri’s main goal is to help make things done faster and less stressful for you just by giving a voice command. How easy right?

When you have your hands busy Siri can help you place a call on speaker or without speaker through and even send a text message for you. When placing the call you can. You can rest assured that all your data is safe with Siri and it would not share with anyone. It has a privacy policy that you can count on.

What Can Siri Do For You

With a simple command such as ‘’Hey Siri’’, it can virtually help plan your day in the best way convenient for you. It can help with lots of tasks thereby saving us from forgetting what really matters to us.

  • Make calls
  • Send text messages
  • Help to complete a sentence when sending a message
  • Play song from your music library
  • Search online for latest songs from an artist
  • Ask for the name of a particular song, year it came out and also who sang it
  • Helps to turn your home into a smart home
  • Opens the door and lights up your bulb with voice command
  • It can also be integrated so as to show your different angles of security camera installed in your home.
  • Ask any kind of question and it search for the answer for you
  • Do basic calculations and state mathematical formula
  • Weather report
  • Text to speech transition
  • Show some set if labeled  photos from one gallery
  • play video
  • Pay for your operation on apple pay to someone
  • Create shortcut for you based on things done frequently
  • Check movie timing
  • Give latest score update for a football match
  • Open camera to take a picture
  • Open an application for you to use

All these sums up what this virtual personal assistant can do for you without you having to do daily tons of work when your day can simply be planned for you with just a single voice command.

Siri Privacy

Siri does not send your data and information back to Apple neither does it sell your information to advertisers in need. The good part is it has end-to-end encryption for keeping your information safe from your device straight to the storage medium which is the cloud. Only a minimum amount of data is stored on the server which hosts this virtual assistant.

How to change Siri’s voice in iOS

The need might come for you to change how this virtual assistant sounds. We have other voices that might suit your needs. Here’s how to make Siri sound the way you would love.

1. Go to “settings app,’’ next tap Siri& Search.

2. Tap on Siri Voice.

3. Choose the accent and voice you desire.

The sweet part of this is that you can ask Siri to change its voice itself. It will tell you it can’t but would display the settings for you. Then you can carry on manually seeing that things get done to your taste.

Does Siri work on Android

The answer remains a capital NO. As said earlier, Siri is strictly an assistant that is only available for apple devices. However, there are various other applications that are available for Android users and would also perform almost the same function.

A good deal is that most android phones also have a built-in virtual assistant. The following can be downloaded from the play store to help with daily task

  • Alexa
  • Bixby
  • Cortana
  • Google assistant
  • hound
  • robin

Beware though we have lots of applications faking to be Siri for Android on the play store. It cannot be you have to be careful so you don’t grant permission to hackers and those that will steal from you.

Siri on WhatsApp

Siri is a virtual personal assistant embedded into iOS devices. You can ask Siri to send WhatsApp messages, make WhatsApp calls, or read out loud your unseenWhatsApp messages. This awesome feature is only available on iOS 10.3 to the latest ones.

In conclusion, we all need a virtual assistant that helps to get our daily activities done with just a voice command. And by that Siri is available to help us get on. Majorly available on apple products. Can even go on whisper mode to suit your taste, call during an emergency, and does not eavesdrop on you. And such a great feature we need to get used to.