Often times we come across a song being played and we don’t know basic info about it. Basic info like title, lyric, and many more. Now here comes the good part. Once you have this shazam app on your device it can help you identify music, movies, television show, etc.

This app is owned by Shazam Entertainment which later was owned by Apple in 2018. It is a free app available on most device platforms. You can also use the app to do other things like watching music videos from Apple Music or Youtube. With over 20 million searches on its platform, it has a huge database to identify any known song.

Features Of Shazam

Bear in mind that the features of this great app are enormous. And some of these are highlighted below.

  • A seamless quick means of sharing songs to other platforms.
  • It identifies a song just by pressing a button on the Shazam app.
  • View and sing-along lyric to a song
  • It helps to recommend songs similar to the ones listening to on the app
  • Keeps you updated with latest songs, albums etc
  • Proceed to buy ticket of your favourite concert.

Pros And Cons Of Shazam


  • Shazam is a handy tool for identifying unfamiliar songs near you.
  • It offers music executives something far more valuable: an early-detection system for hits.
  • It can identify which songs are catching on, and where, before just about anybody else.


  • It requires the original song to identify, so you can’t just hum or sing into it.
  • Tagged songs can’t be bookmarked for later reference.

Third Party Integration Allowed On Shazam

Apple Music. Tap the Apple Music button near the app to listen to that song in Apple Music.

  • Deezer.
  • YouTube Music.

Lyrics On Shazam

  • When the song is playing that you want the real-time lyrics for, open Shazam.
  • Tap the great big button to Shazam the song. This is the same button you use to identify a song.
  • When the song screen opens, tap Lyrics at the top.
  • Next, tap See Full Lyrics. You’ll also notice on this screen that the current lyric for the song is displayed.
  • Now, you’ll be on the real-time song lyrics screen and can sing to your heart’s content as the lyrics scroll.
  • You can manually scroll up to get lyrics you missed or down to see what’s coming up.
  • This is handy if you’re curious about a particular song lyric.
  • While you’re on the real-time lyrics screen, you can share the song using the arrow at the top right.

Devices Shazam Can Work On

Shazam is available for Android users, iPhone users, and macOS users but not Windows users. In 2018, They announced it would no longer provide an app for Windows users and removed it from the Microsoft App Store. It is speculated that most of Shazam’s usage likely comes from mobile phones.

How Long Does It Take To Go Live On Shazam?

  • A song can be defined with a digital “mark”, a fingerprint they call it.
  • In principle, it takes just over 10 seconds, which is the time that the application “listens”, which builds a sample.
  • It generally takes at least 24 hours for tracks submitted to Shazam to go live.
  • However, on some occasions, it could take longer, depending on the kind of track.

What’s The Most Shazam Song In The World?

Shazam, the music search platform, revealed that the most ‘ Shazamed ‘ song is none other than Tones and ‘Dance Monkey’. This song was released on May 10, 2019 by Australian Singer Tones and I.

How To Use Your Phone To Shazam A Song?

The operation is as simple as clicking on the button and waiting for the application to recognize the song you are listening to. This recognition works the same way on the main Shazam screen by clicking on the “Shazamear” button.

  • These are the steps to Shazam a song that is already on your phone
  • Launch the Shazam app.
  • Open your preferred music app and select and play the unknown track you want Shazam to identify.
  • Swap back to the Shazam app and tap the Shazam button. After a few seconds, you should see information about the song title and artist.
  • If you have an audio file that contains several songs, tap the Shazam button every time a new song starts to play.

How To Setup An Auto Shazam?

  • Open Shazam on your Android, iOS or PC.
  • Tap the Library button
  • Now tap on the icon in the top-left corner of the screen
  • Among the options, find “Auto Shazam.” You will see it is turned off by default.
  • Tap on the switch next to the option to enable it.

How To Connect Shazam To Spotify?

  • On your iOS, swipe up from the main Shazam screen to go to My Music.
  • On Android, swipe left from the main Shazam screen to go to the Library.
  • Tap the settings button and then the Connect button next to Spotify.
  • On Spotify, tap Got it.

How To Connect Shazam To Snapchat

1.       Open the Snapchat app. Make sure the version you have installed is the latest so you can access the latest features, such as the Snapchat integration with Shazam. You can check for updates from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).

2.       If you haven’t opened the camera screen yet, open it. If you’re in the “Chat” or “Stories” window, tap the circle button at the bottom of the Snapchat screen. Doing so will open the camera screen.

3.       Move to where the song can be clearly heard. It works best where there is little background noise and songs are heard clearly.

4.       Press and hold the camera screen. For best results, do it without your face on the screen, otherwise, you may accidentally activate the “Lenses” function.

5.       You must do this before taking your snap.

6.       Keep pressing the screen until it starts to vibrate. You will see two incomplete circles rotating on the screen as the app scans the song that is playing. It may take a moment for the app to recognize the song. Once it identifies the song, your phone will vibrate again.

7.       Touch Song info to see more details. Now the song will open in a miniature version of the application and from there you can listen or buy the song.

8.       Press and hold the “More info” screen to create a snap. In this way, you can make a snap with the Shazam screen of that artist. You can also draw on the snap or add filters to it like any other snap. Recipients will also be able to tap the “Listen” button and play the song.

Siri And Shazam

Siri uses Shazam, to recognize and identify songs. When you hear a song you want to be identified, you can use Siri to know the name of the song you heard. And Siri can identify what is playing by listening to it.

In conclusion, The app is available in 190 countries and has had more than one billion downloads so far. The company that developed this service was created in 1999 and in 2008, It was one of the first applications to appear on the Apple store.

In 2011, the platform began offering other options that allow users to get extra information about products or TV shows. These are special integrations that take advantage of the voice and image recognition that the app has. Thus, in certain products, it is possible to obtain recommendations or additional data simply by pointing the camera of the cell phone at the label.