Samsung Galaxy F42 5G seems to be the rebranded Galaxy A22 5G


Samsung’s Galaxy F42 5G It surfaced for the first time when it obtained Wi-Fi certification last month, and it is back today, this time with Bluetooth certification. This means it is getting closer and closer to launch.

Strangely, the certification of the Galaxy F42 5G is shared with the recently released certification Galaxy A22 5G, This strongly implies the fact that F42 5G may just be a renamed version of A22 5G. This is not the first time Samsung has changed the name of the A series of F series products. In fact, it is almost the same for the course.

Even more strange is that this is not just F42 5G-in some markets, we seem to see Galaxy Buddy and Galaxy Wide5, they are both the same device. We believe that the four different names of the same mobile phone must be some kind of record, so this is an ironic honor for Samsung’s achievement!

We still hope that this will not become a reality, but if it does, it is expected that the Galaxy F42 5G (and Galaxy Buddy and Galaxy Wide5) will be equipped with a 6.6″ 1080×2400 90 Hz touch screen, that is, MediaTek Dimensity 700 chipset at the helm, 4-8GB of RAM, 64/128GB expandable storage, triple rear camera system (48 MP main camera, 5 MP ultra-wide, 2 MP depth), 8 MP selfie snapper and 5,000 mAh 15W battery are charging. It should run Android 11 with One on top UI Core 3.1.


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