The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds2 TWS headset has been circulating in the rumor factory for a long time, and the leak itself is also very extensive. We already know most of the features as well as the design and available colors. The rest is pricing.

We have made some price guesses from various sources, but this is the first guess from the technical media and has a good track record of this kind of stuff. If the internal connection is correct, the price of Galaxy Buds 2 is about 172.90 euros (including VAT).

As of now, the price of Galaxy Buds Pro is about 130-140 euros, but they are asking for about 230 euros at the time of release. The Galaxy Buds+, which can be regarded as the predecessor, was also launched at 170 euros, so there will be no price increase. It is also much lower than Apple’s AirPods Pro price tag.And taking into account Buds2 will provide ANC, This is a good deal.

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