Roblox is an online game that has gained so much attention in recent times. It allows one to create games and also partake in other games made by other users. The possibility of the game is huge. You can buy online items like cloths, characters, accessories, body parts in which you can use to create your own game features.

You even get to earn cool cash when others play your game and find whatever you have created interesting. It is one of the most widely played online games in the United States.It allows for multiple users and not only is it used for gaming you can also chat on with your friends. The game is intended for users above age seven. The game is safe for kids provided you follow the age restrictions. In the roblox studio you are allowed to create game.

Getting Started

Since it is an online game getting started with roblox is easy and free while you can do this by visiting their website to open a new account. You could also download the apps on your phone, tablets on platforms like windows, Mac, IOS, Andriod, Xbox One.

Each user gets and avatar and you can even customise it to your desired taste. The game has its currency (Robux) which you use to buy any item in the game. Not everything is being sold in the gamesome are free for use. When you play more of the game, you get some kind of reward in form of currency, avatar, characters etc. 

How safe is this Game

As stated earlier the game is intended for users above the age of seven. While you cannot have parents around you all the time when you need to play the game. There are advanced settings that can be activated for safety and interference by other users. The game allows one to chat and you can set it in such a way that users not on your friends list cannot be chatted with.

We have had cases of bullying, profanity, sexual images and all this can be taken care of with parental control by limiting who and where your child has access to. You can even report users you feel might harm you. As a parent you should tell your kids to play the games also in front of you so that you know what the game is all above.

Important terms to know in this game


This is the digital currency of the roblox game. It is used to buying and selling and creating digital content on the platform.

Roblox studio

This is the section of the game where you can choose your avatar and even customise it with paid or free characters, items available for you. Infact the roblox studio is created by minors and over fifteen millions games are produced from it every year.

Game Pass

This is used to make and develop buyable content through a one term purchase.

Roblox Community

It is safe to say this is association of like-minded individuals that plays the game. We have high number of online users of the game. You get to chat with people on your friends list and even talk to other random users for information and game tips. However you have to be very careful and even advanced setting can be made use of by parents for safety of their kids. By streamlining those they chat with and even use passwords before they can access some features.


The sound made when a particular character dies in the game.

How to make some Bucks with Roblox

This online game supports a currency called Robux. With this currency you get to purchase cloths, accessories, characters all for your avatar.  To do this you can link up your financial card to buy the roblox currency. You can also subscribe for Roblox Premium which gives you some monthly allowances and special bonuses as a valued member of the games economy.

After a user makes some unique creations, they get to sell them to a new user who likes what he/she has made. Most users of the game design items with monetisation on their minds so as to make some cool bucks. This can be made into an unending stream of income.

In conclusion, roblox is an online game that can be played as a single player or connecting with other as multiplayer. You can also get to create your own games and avatar to your desired taste. While you also earn when others purchase what you have made. It’s an enjoyable game for all and it is available on most devices like phones, tablets and computer.