Quora is a digital platform that helps to answer all the questions you can ever think of. It has a vast warehouse of information that cuts across various sectors like education, politics, health, etc. The questions are sourced from a wide community of users who has a high interest in learning. The answers are given to question by top CEO, celebrities, top profiled personalities. And anyone that feels they know what the answer is.

Just so you know quora get its tick through questions. Not just anyhow questions but questions that drive conversation and interest. Quora started in 2014 and has tremendously grown over the years. The social media platform is now worth over ten million dollars. They derive their revenue from various means of advertising done on its platform. It also boasts of over three hundred unique visitors monthly.

Also for every answer provided the users get to vote up or down depending on how accurate the answers provided are. Users are also allowed to follow topics of interest to them.

How to use Quora

To use quora is quite easy and simple to get on with. So as to join the large community of users that asks questions that is of great interest to them. Plus joining is free!

  1. Visit their website ‘www.quora.com’
  2. Click on create an account
  3. You would be required to sign up with an email account.
  4. Then fill up the page with basic information about you and profile photo.
  5. Also you will be required to immediately follow topics or a question that tickles your interest.

Asking questions on Quora

After joining one of the largest communities of users online that interact with questions and answers. You might also want to contribute your part by asking questions.

  1. After creating and account and following topics you will see ‘’Add Question’’
  2. Click on it a box would pop-up
  3. Asking you to type in your question
  4. Enter the question and then click and click on ‘’Add Question’’
  5. Quora would suggest you choose relevant topics that are related to the question asked.
  6. Wait for response.

Answering questions on Quora

Over time as you continually use the website and you are getting familiar with all that is done on it. You might also want to offer what you know to possible questions you come across. 

  1. Your timeline would consist of questions related to topics you follow.
  2. Click on the desired question of your choice.
  3. Click on the ‘’Answer’’
  4. When done click on submit.

Up-vote and Down-vote

One amazing thing about this great questioning platform is for every answer provided on the questions. The perfect and most accurate answer gets an “up-vote” while the not-so-perfect answer gets a “down-vote”. This helps to make the question more seen and noticeable by other users.

The odd side is that when a particular question has lots of “down-vote”. It would make the platform regard the question as not important and would be less seen by other users. Directly under where it is required for you to answer a question. We have the “Up-vote” and “Down-vote” buttons ready to be clicked.

How to make money on Quora

The question and answer platform is such a huge site for making revenues for users. One could make tons of money just by asking questions and providing insightful answers were necessary on the site. The “Quora Partner Program” is a program designed for users that asks insightful questions. And your write-up must have been viewed by more than 100,000 times to be qualified for this program.

The program is very much real and legal. No need to be scared of being sidelined since the brand name is a known one and would not want to share their name. You also need to take note of keywords that can help scale up your questions when searching. Also taking advantage of how google often asks questions. When a keyword is searched would help us boost our skills on quora.

In conclusion, Quora is a social platform that gives you the ability to learn and also earn while at it. You get to connect with great minds like you by asking or answering questions. You should make use of Quora for marketing because of the high number of daily visitors on that site and also you can use them to drive huge traffic to your website.