Proloquo2Go Review for Users | Deep Analysis of Proloquo2go


What Is Proloquo2Go?

Proloquo2Go is an award-winning symbol-supported communication program providing a voice to over 125,000 people who are not able to speak.

It’s intended to promote the increase of communication abilities and foster language development through research-based vocabularies Proloquo2Go help through innovative features provide aid for parents, therapists and teachers to execute AAC best practices.

Who To Use Proloquo2Go For

I mostly use this application with pupils who have significant communication disabilities. Boards can readily be installed for student usage in a number of environments, in addition to designed for a particular lesson/group interactions.

The built-in library of avatars and graphics is rather large, including modern pop-culture likenesses. It’s fast and simple to take photographs when using this application within an iPad and apply the image for a button on a communication board over minutes.

Proloquo2Go User Interface


User Interface sensitivity features could be corrected but can be tricky to pinpoint for certain pupils (scrolls too quickly, rolls too softly, etc.). The program is pricey ($219.99) but relative to other AAC choices, is an amazing value for the price.

Users may open Proloquo2Go and start to use it to get successful communication immediately. Proloquo2Go is just one of the very few AAC programs that cover most customers, from beginning to advanced communicators, while catering for a broad range of fine-motor, cognitive and visual capacities.

The multi-level Crescendo language offers three language amounts in 23 different grid sizes. Users may quickly transition as speech abilities enlarge whilst customizations are kept. Core words seem in precisely the exact same location across folders to encourage learning through motor preparation.

How To Utilize Proloquo2Go for Personalization

  • Select from research-based Crescendo language levels:
  • Pick between 23 grid sizes that range from 9 to 144 buttons around the screen.
  • Get 4,750 specific words from this box and the other 7,250 pre-categorized phrases in storage Utilize Vocal Priority to instantly customize to consumer attention without deleting or creating switches Create, alter and transfer buttons
  • Easily Select from over 20,000 Symbol Stix logos or use your personal photographs.
  • Language growth Transition with nominal re-customization between language degrees as the consumer’s skills grows Support learning through engine preparation with centre words located regularly across folders.
  • Benefit from entirely configurable grammar assistance for nouns, pronouns, verbs and adjectives.
  • Configure the Message Window with text and symbols or text-only.
  • Utilize the highly configurable Poly Prefix word forecast in Typing.
  • ViewShare messages via Mail, iMessage, Twitter, Facebook and copy/paste action pages.
  • Create consistent tasks using action templates pre-designed for 23 grid dimensions Get a much wider range of core words via a popup.
  • Make fast decisions by using Popups Agree to Auto-Close popups after creating a choice.
  • Simplify navigation by automatic Snapback to House or Previous after creating a choice.
  • Natural Celebrities Download free natural-sounding TTS voices, for example, 8 real children’s voice selects from 24 American, 10 British, 4 Australian, 1 Scottish and 1 Indian English voices love ExpressivePowerâ„¢ with pre-recorded expressions and expressions.
  • Access Vision Benefit from nautical fishing together with Select on Release Access via Apple’s VoiceOver Access –
  • Control Classroom and treatment support start easy and expand language as required with minimal exertion
  • Customize settings and terminology per pupil with multi-user support
  • Learn Utilizing the in-app Assistance, online e-learning videos, or downloadable guide and tutorials Join with peers on private Facebook classes or the AssistiveWare Forum

Who can utilize Proloquo2Go?

Individuals who cannot talk or have difficulty talking as a consequence of conditions that they’ve gotten from birth (cerebral palsy, autism, apraxia, developmental disabilities) or ailments that came later in life, like ALS, stroke, and traumatic brain injury that have the physical capacity to get the device.

It’s very important to note that AAC users length a complete range of age, cognitive and physical ability as well as the crucial thing is to provide them with a mechanism to”speak” for themselves.

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