Have your smartphones become your indispensable personal assistants? with need to be obsesed with optimal productivity, Hence the need for some vital productivity app on our devices. We definitely want to know how to get things done more quickly.

And with less effort to improve our time management and skills. We have conducted research to compile a detailed list of must-have productivity apps, so without further talk, let’s just dive in.

A productivity app is a piece of software that makes your job easier and allows you to get more work done in less time. After going through our list, we encourage you to set down and decide which area of your life you would like to become more productive, get the apps or apps that will help you achieve that. 


One of the best productivity apps known and the ultimate to-do list app that has helped over 10 million people. First, download the app, jot down everything you get done. The intelligent software will then interpret and categories the task for you, based on the entries.

This app is more than a personal productivity tool, it can be used also to keep an entire thing team on track, plan projects, assign responsibility, discuss project details and also monitor deadlines all inside the app.


(Web, Chrome, Android, Ios, Mac): we love to use bookmakers to save our favorite websites but overtime bookmakers became broken, we have saved so many sites and it gets tough to find stuff in our bloated bookmark menus. In fact, it is almost easier to just Google things each time than to search for their bookkeeper.

So, to put your essential sites in the favorite menu or let your browser devise or show the sites you visit, you need to add the next to pocket it’s a to-do list to save the article and websites and also the videos you want to watch.

Cloze- cloze:

It helps you to get details about your contact. Our address books can be messy at times, you start out so well, adding details about every new contact lest is bulging with duplicate contacts and random email addresses, and sometimes phone numbers you can even remember why you saved.

Close help brings order to chaos, it’s a very smart address book that pulls all your contact information automatically from emails, social networks. Close will help figure out who is connected and let you search through contacts smartly.


This helps in making a reliable team video call. Zoom is in-call recording, text chat, and screen shorting. It also scales video quality to avoid drooped calls if your internet is unreliable.


Crafting social posts and responding to comments takes a lot of time, though there are apps out there that make posting to social media much less time-intensive. Hootsuite is an application that helps you manage your social media, allows you to update your company’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on without the need to log into each individual platform.

Log in once, schedule every post you plan to make for the next few days, week, month, and then, sit back and monitor your accounts as the software automatically post content at the time you specified. How amazing is that?

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Zapier connects all of your favorite business apps. It allows its users to create integration and automation between apps that normally wouldn’t communicate with each other the interesting is that all these integrations and automation can be about with just a few chick or tap.

A great productivity app that requires no coding just select your business software of choice and start building customized workflows.

In conclusion, these are just a few listed Must-Have Apps for Productivity, read through, and if there is any area you want to be productive and you will need help, just hit download on any of the android apps above, install it and let it flow you to productivity zone. If there is any we missed and you feel should be added, let us know your thoughts.