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types of computer networks

Types Of Computer Network

Types of networks are defined by the geographical environment of a network. In addition, the differences between the schemes of these networks also involve distance and orientation. Typically, it...
laptop for video editing

The best laptop for Video and Photo editing

Most of the smartphones you get today can build video editing, just like most laptops. However, when it comes to video and photo editing, you need to improve the...
delete search history

How To Delete Search History On Google And Social Media

We pay heaps of your time online searching for answers to straightforward queries further as advanced queries. sometimes, we tend to look for personal medical recommendations and money questions...

FB ads are the largest.Ratio and Play Store autoplay video

We are back with a new monthly mobile video magazine, where we will discuss the changes and trends in video in the mobile application field. It can be...

Optimize Title, Subtitle & Keywords

This is a guest post on ASO by Laurie Galazzo, CMO at AppTweak ASO Tool. UPDATE: July 8, 2019 Your app is live and available on the Apple App Store....

New ads on Instagram and app campaigns

This is the latest monthly mobile video magazine, where we discuss the changes and trends of video in the mobile application field. Whether it’s about video news in...

Ad Creatives Across Channels for Cashback & Coupons Apps

Using high-performing creatives is one of the most important levers to optimize user acquisition. There is not one creative fits all: different channels and different placements often require different...