Most of the best Wear OS apps come pre-installed on watches, apps like Google Maps, Google Fit a Play Music and so on which are partially not even supported anymore. Well, as expected phones are still much better at doing most things, but there are some several Wear OS apps worth trying…. That is if you want to do more than just the baked-in basics.

Lifesum – the Wear OS app is a perfect way to stay healthy and somewhere in-between, it is a very stripped-back version of the full phone app, that is intended to let you log your food, either just before or just after you eat it. Most people find maintaining a food diary tricky at the best of times, others find it boring and some even find it obsessive. Lifesum helps you set your personal health goals and also guide you to success with a personalized plan that includes exercise tips. Want to enjoy your smartwatch, then this is a must-have android watch app.

Simon Hill/Digital Trends – I’m sure most people have been dreaming of making video calls from their wrist since the emergence of the smartwatch, after all, we see it in the movies, if you have been wishing to make a video call from your smartwatch then Glide is just the app you need to download. All you need do is install in on your paired phone as well, once you do, you will be able to receive and watch video messages, send back audio and even record video on your wrist if your watch has a front-facing camera. This is defiantly a must have android watch have. 

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Citymapper – citymapper apps have been around on smartwatches for quite some time, hasn’t really changed that much but is still one of the few essential Wear downloads. Well, if you are new to the service, Citymapper offers different services like journey planning between places in major cities, routes on foot, by car, by taxi or public transport. The most awesome feature about this app is that Citymapper digs into train, bus, and tram tracking systems, so you can actually see by-the-minute when yours is meant to arrive. Imagine waiting in the cold for a bus that never seems to show, the app will at least tell you how much misery is left for you.

Google Keep – want an app that lets you look at a shopping list on your wrist, keep notes and set a reminder for your daily to-do lists or even check overdraft emails, then Google Keep is a must-have for your android watch app. It is a simple, clean app like the best parts of the Google suite if I would say. The app is a strictly functional app and being able to customize the color theme in the watch app is quite pleasant.  

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Accuweather – Accuweather is one of the most popular weather apps and I’m sure you have stumbled upon this app already. The watch version appears in two halves, the analog-style watch face which has three customizable slots into which you can bung three bits of weather data and then there is the app proper. The watch version is particularly handy and not bad-looking either. The app is basic, though it lacks features seen in the phone version, like the radar view that lets you look at rain clouds on a world map. Still, this is the go-to weather app for wear and very handy to see if it is raining later without having to ask Google Assistant. For your smartwatch, this is a must-have.

An upgrade is good, if you have a smartwatch or planning to get real soon, then try one of these must-have android watch apps and tell us what you think.