Well, music is something that we all love to listen and there are just some cool android apps for musicians. You may be a guitar player in a rock band or a woodwind player in an orchestra band that makes the subject of musician apps a little difficult to approach. It is usually tough to choose the best android apps for musicians from the Google play store, so I’m easing the stress of having to find suitable Apps for your musical needs.

Let’s roll.

DJ Studio 5 – this is one of the most powerful Android apps for musicians, users can mix, remix, loop, scratch and pitch mp3s, all by themselves. This application has a ton of attractive features, all of which are accessible for free. No ads, no pop-ups, no registration, just one significantly useful DJ instrument for each freshman and pros. The interesting part of DJ Studio 5 is that you can also upload your mixes to sound cloud for reviews. 


Guitar Tuner – guitar tuner is just one of the best android apps for musicians out there, as it is very easy to use. Truth is, no matter how nice your ear is, you should always have a tuner on hand to ensure good accuracy. This application works with plentiful packed stringed instruments from violins to the ukulele. There are plenty of tunings available, and since it utilizes the built-in microphone, no cables are needed. Interesting right? You should try it. 


HD Audio Recorder – the interesting part of this application is that it helps facilitate the creative procedure you can be wherever. The application has android contraptions function, stock voice-recording app, it leaves so much to be favored. When a user is composing pieces, the user will want to report his/her suggestions, he/she will need a program that may seize them within the high quality satisfactory possible. HD Audio recorder allows users to capture audio using 16-bit PCM encoding. The app is completely free.

RecForge Pro – This is a free version that caps recording at three minutes and only supports the .wav format. This is just similar to HD audio recorder, and this is the closest you will get to a mobile studio. Although, you will need to shell out a couple of bucks what you will get in return is full-fledged recording expertise with tons of elements and options. It is definitely worth a try.

Caustic 3 – this application is for serious minded musicians, as it enables us to create songs from our cell gadgets. Sounds interesting? Don’t stop there… the application design is encouraged with rack-mount synthesizers which I will say gives it an awesome style. It is very enjoyable and it is completely free to make use of, you could also decide upon from a large kind of synthesizers and different sounds.

Musical Note Pad – this is a must-have android app for musicians as it is one of the best apps for musicians. You can completely write, save, and even load your compositions, and you could play them back audibly entirely or partly. It also presents you with the capacity to use a contact-display to compose a song in just ordinary musical notation.  

Music Tutor – want to know how to read music or you just want to have more knowledge in music, here is the App for you. The music tutor will be your personal music tutor without even complaining that you are too slow or not comprehending well (smiles). This application helps to develop your speed and accuracy in reading sheet music by means of determining track notes in timed sessions.

So, there you have it. Comprehensive must-have android apps for musicians, which you might decide to pick one out of all we have listed or you can decide to download all. Whatever your decision is, I’m sure you will not regret it.

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