Ever wanted to charge multiple device at the same time? Without having several plugins. Then the motorola wireless charger which can work within 3m is just the right for you. When the year started. Motorola hinted that a new wireless charging technology-different from the typical Qi charger would be unveiled soon. It allows mobile phones to be 1 meter away (3.3 feet) from the main charging unit.

It can handle two, three or even four devices at the same time for the purpose of charging. The company has developed the second generation of this technology with greatly improved functions. Now, motorola wireless charger can charge the cell phone. And the charger can be charged in clean air up to 3 meters (10 feet) away.

That’s mind blowing right? This is a large charger equipped with a phased array and up to 1,600 antennas. The arc covered by the charger exceeds 100┬║, so even if the phone is put aside, it can still supply power to the phone to your utmost pleasure.

Due to the wider coverage, the new charger can handle up to four mobile phones at the same time, which is twice as much as the original device can manage. The charger can even handle some obstacles between it and the phone.

Features of the Motorola Wireless Charger

The following are the exceptional features of the motorola wireless charger. Some of which includes:

  • It can charge up to four devices at a time.
  • It can charge a device within the 3m range.
  • It can still charge a device even if there are hindrances like a cloth or its in your pocket.
  • This charger has over 1600 antennas.
  • It covers an arc distance of 100 degrees calculated from the charging hub.

In conclusion, in the previous years. We have seen other big brands in the tech industries come up with innovation. Similar wireless charger and It uses 144 antenna arrays to provide 5W power to mobile phones “within a few meters”. This can handle two mobile phones at the same time. But this motorola wireless charger offer lots more advanced functions that easily beats its competitors. Just like┬áthe phone can be charged in your hand or pocket. The charger can detect your body and aim the beam away from it so that it only hits the phone.