baby monitor
Are you a working parent and cannot stay with your baby every second? Do you want to keep track of your baby? Are you aware there are android apps for baby monitoring? Well, today is your lucky day because I will be explaining what a baby monitor is. In addition to that, I will also list out 10 best android apps for baby monitoring.

However, you are busy, if you wish to keep an eye on your little one in your absence, then you should use a baby monitor. Baby monitors record all the activities of your kids without much trouble. And, you can watch it through a baby monitor app on your phone on a real-time basis.


How do we define a baby monitor? Let’s say a baby monitor is any tool that records the activity of babies and let parents watch it remotely. Also, a baby monitor app can convert your smart device like a phone, tablet, or computer to a baby monitor.

These baby monitoring apps can record baby’s activity, recognize gestures, and provide instant alerts. Now with this, you can know whenever your baby is awake even when you are in the other room.

These android apps can track every activity of your baby so that you can view your baby activities remotely. Now, let’s move on to listing out the best android apps for your baby monitoring.


Dormi Baby Monitor

The first on my list is the Dormi baby monitor. These baby monitoring app for Android devices is one of the most complete mobile app available. The baby monitoring device works with the WiFi connection of your mobile data plan and uses a secured connection to avoid hacking concerns.
With Dormi, you can connect multiple parent units to a single child device simultaneously.

That way, you and your partner can both watch your baby. It also adjusts the noise levels automatically, so it can detect when your baby is crying.
The app has a talk-back function, so you can soothe or calm your baby from anywhere in your house.

If you’re on the phone when your baby starts crying, the app will vibrate to notify you and a gentle beep without abruptly disconnecting the phone call.

WiFi Baby Monitor

Next on my list is the WiFi baby monitor. Do you wish to monitor your baby remotely? Then you should try this baby monitor app. It is completely easy to use, and works with almost all the Android devices.
This android app has an end to end encryption of audio and video, you can talk back to your baby. It also comes with auto noise detection and can indicate battery percent.

AtHome Camera

This android app is a video surveillance app that can convert your old smartphone into a surveillance device. However, this app works on both Android and ios it  can also be used as a baby monitor app.

Just like the above mentioned, it is easy to set up and use. One important feature is time-lapse, multiple views and it is also HD recording supported. Also, aside from baby monitoring, it can also be used for home surveillance.

Ahgoo Baby Monitor

Ahgoo baby monitor app works on Android. The baby monitor helps you record video and audio of your little one whenever you are away.
With Ahgoo baby monitor, you can connect your phone by scanning QR code, it also comes with noise recognition.

Nancy Baby Monitor

With this monitor app, you can convert any Android device into a baby monitoring tool. Nancy baby monitor app is a highly advanced app that listens or watches your baby anytime.
It is also easy to set up just like the rest listed above. You can also get instant alerts for noises and battery level. Another interesting feature is the Talkback facility that is included.

Baby Monitor Annie

The baby monitor Annie comes with a wide range of useful features that come close to the best-dedicated baby video monitors available. The app is free to download, but you’ll need to pay a one-time license to use the app fully.
You can keep an eye on your baby even if you aren’t home because the app works with your WiFi connection or mobile data. A good quality video signal is guaranteed. You can also monitor up to 4 kids at the same time and with an unlimited number of parent units.
Other features include; the talkback option with the help of the microphone button. Connection to your baby is safe, thanks to Annie’s encrypted signal. Only parents are allowed to have access to their baby audio and video feed. It also comes with an activity log to track your baby’s sleeping habits.

Final Thought
Finally, we are sure that after getting to know about android apps for baby monitor, you would be able to pick an ideal option.