Need that app that keeps you connected with your friends, family, and even business associate, then Microsoft teams are your go-to app. It allows for people in teams to connect, collaborate and with their work buddies. It makes it easy for creating and joining a meeting, sharing files, and also message.

One of the key differences between the web and desktop app is just that; one is in a browser and the other is a mobile or desktop application. When you are looking for Microsoft Teams on your device, it is much easier to find the desktop or mobile application than trying to remember that it is within a browser tab on your device.

How To Install Microsoft Teams App

Before downloading and installing Microsoft Teams on PC, check if you already have it on your Windows PC. Go to the Start menu and select Microsoft Teams. If Teams is already installed, you’re good to go! If it isn’t, follow the steps below.

1.       You can also download Teams from Microsoft’s website.

2.       Sign up for Microsoft 365. Use your Microsoft 365 email address and password

3.       Select the menu button and choose the Teams icon

4.       When Teams loads, select settings in the upper right corner and Download the desktop app.

5.       Save and run the downloaded file.

6.       Sign in with your Microsoft 365 email address and password.

7.       Now you have Microsoft Teams on your computer!

Teams On iOS

If you can’t access Microsoft Teams from your computer or you don’t have a computer, you can do it from your iPhone or iPad tablet. For that, I will tell you the steps to know how to download Microsoft Teams on iPhone in the easiest way and it is free.

Microsoft Teams on iOS brings the app’s desktop capabilities to a smartphone, with several nifty features added. Broadly speaking, Teams has three experiences: a web portal, a desktop client, and a downloadable mobile app from the Apple Store.

How to download Microsoft Teams on iPhone?

1.       Head to the App Store and in the search bar enter Microsoft Teams.

2.       the blue Download button and wait for the download to finish.

3.       As soon as it is finished, the application will install automatically, then you must open it and log in with your Microsoft account. You can also create a new account with an email that can be Gmail, Outlook, etc.

4.       The application requires iOS 10.0 or later to run, which covers almost all iPhone and iPad models in use today.

Teams On Andriod

Head to your Google Play Store app and search for Microsoft Teams. If you have a monthly or annual subscription to Office 365, you do not need to download the app. The Office 365 toolkit already includes Teams and, in addition, you can enjoy all the benefits that the paid version of Teams brings, which, unlike the free version, change is not huge.

When searching for Microsoft Teams in the search bar, tap Download. As soon as the application is downloaded and installed, you can open it from your start menu, register, or create an account from scratch. It is stress-free and easy to access even without any techy knowledge

How To Change Background On Microsoft Teams

1.       You can change the background to Teams when a meeting starts to avoid interruptions.

2.       Select Background Filters just below the video image in the same window while choosing video and audio settings.

3.       You will see the background options on the right side of the screen.

4.       Select blur to subtly hide everything around you.

5.       You can also select a pre-made image from those provided.

6.       Select Add New, and then select the image (JPG, PNG, or BMP) you want to upload from your computer to upload the desired custom image.

Note:  The new background you choose will apply to all calls and meetings until you turn it off or change it again.

How To Create A Meeting On Microsoft Teams

If you’re getting started with Microsoft Teams, you might be wondering what it means to create a meeting from “Team.” One of the most powerful collaboration structures in Teams, it is structured in Teams and channels.

A-Team is a collection of people, conversations, files, and tools, all in one place.

A Channel is a discussion in a team, dedicated to a department, project, or topic.

How to create a meeting from a Team?

Meetings from a Team are created in the channel we choose since the Team is a mere container of channels. They can be created in two ways:

About the entire channel: These meetings will be generated as a new conversation. It is recommended that you use them for general or especially important meetings, since you can later have conversations about them and, in addition, they will be easily visualized in your workflow.

About a conversation: These meetings are generated within a conversation. We recommend that you use them if they are necessary to clarify a point about a file you are working on or have to do with a topic that you have already started.

To create these meetings, we just have to follow these steps:

  • Access Teams> In the main menu, look for the Teams icon
  • Choose the channel> Choose which channel you want to create the meeting on
  • Video call icon> Find the video call icon and press it
  • About the entire channel > Press the icon in the text box, as if you were going to create a new conversation
  • About a conversation > Click on “Reply” on the conversation in which you want to create the meeting and, when the text box appears, click on the video call icon.
  • Title > A good descriptive title is essential to properly organize our workflow and will make it easier for other members to know what is going to be talked about (and once it is finished, what has been talked about)
  • Audio > Choose if you want to start the meeting with the microphone off or on; if you have multiple microphones, you can choose which audio input to use in the meeting
  • Video > If your device has a camera, you can choose if you enter with it on or off
  • Both the video and audio options can be modified once you are in the meeting, at any time. Once you have chosen your configuration, you just have to click on the ” Meet Now ” button and our meeting will have started.

Features Of Microsoft Team App

1.       Instant messaging.

2.       Voice and video calls.

3.       Meetings.

4.       Accessibility.

5.       Applications and integrations.

6.       Security and compliance.

7.       Microsoft Teams for customer service workers.

8.       Microsoft Teams Microsoft in Education.

Teams App Channel.

Teams are made up of two types of channels — standard (available and visible to everyone) and private (focused, private conversations with a specific audience). Each channel is built around a topic like “Team Events,” a department name, or just for fun.

How To Join A Meeting With Teams App?

1.       In the email invitation, select Click here to join the meeting.

2.       You have three options:

3.       Write your name.

4.       Choose your audio and video settings.

5.       Select Join Now.

How To Uninstall Microsoft Teams

1.       To exit Teams, click the Teams icon on your PC, iOS, or Android device.

2.       Click the start button.

3.       Under apps and features, look for ” teams.”

4.       Highlight Microsoft Teams and then select Uninstall.

Teams App Alternatives.

There are several competitors or similar apps with the team app and they include the following:

  • Cisco Jabber
  • Webex App
  • Bitrix24
  • Rocket Chat
  • Google Workspace
  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Signal
  • Slack.

In conclusion, We have to stay connected, be accessible, and have access to all resources even when we are not in the office and not together. With the Teams mobile application or website, you have direct access to all your applications and documents. You can easily reply to chat and conversations, join meetings with one click, and keep collaborating. So even on the go, you are still informed about everything. And with this, you are ahead of others.