Mi 11 long-term evaluation



Mi 11 is neither Pro nor Ultra. And it’s not a flagship killer. There are other devices in the company’s growing stable equipment that can better cover this segment. Mi 11 is the “vanilla” model in the family, but it is not really fair to look at it this way. At least this is our thoughts after long-term use of it for long-term review.

Spoiler warning: It is more than you expected (read: better), and it has brought us a lot of surprises when we use it. But we cannot deny the fact that in terms of price, it is located in a strange middle ground, sandwiched between flagship killers and top high-end devices.

On paper, it doesn’t seem to have too many typical flagship killers, especially those from the Xiaomi roster, but if you compare it the other way around, then it doesn’t seem to miss a lot of things. Although the price difference between the two directions is huge, the price The taller brother will still be on the table.

This is a very interesting Mi 11, and we would like to know what it would be like to use this seemingly confusing device bag day after day. So this is what we do. In short, as they said, we think you are at your own risk if you ignore this. In theory, it does not seem to really attract anyone, but we bet that in fact, it is actually easy to attract most people, except for some very special exceptions, which we will introduce in detail in the conclusion.

However, before that, there is still a lot to explore and share about our experience of using Mi 11 as our only smartphone for long-term evaluation, so please wear your seat belts and let’s get started.

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