List Of Android Apps For Your BMW

BMW connection to smartphones was initially available for Apple iPhone users only. Well, BMW has successfully moved past that because Android-smartphones are now fully supported by BMW.

With this development, customers can now call up information such as the duration for driving based on current traffic. Also, a map showing the navigation destination on the watch.

They can now use the information without having to take out their smartphone.
Allow me to introduce the latest android apps for you BMW. All you have to do is to keep going…



With the connection to BMW, mobility now begins before the user gets into the car and does not have to end once they park.

This is because the last mile navigation displays the route users need to take from their car to their final destination on their mobile device.

Also, it is now possible to use voice commands to check the vehicle’s battery charge and fuel level. This portfolio is constantly evolving into touchpoints to broaden and improve customer experience.

With the release of the android apps for BMW – iHeartRadio, Pandora, and Spotify. These android apps are all-in-one streaming music and live radio service. Customers are now being provided easy access to their favorite Live and Custom stations.



iHeartRadio is a digital music streaming service. Now users on with android smartphones can now enjoy a seamless listening experience in BMW.

Users gain access to thousands of iHeartRadio’s live radio stations from across the country. Not only that, but you also get a catalog of more than 20 million songs and 800,000 artists to create custom stations.

With iHeartRadio, you get a personalized “For You” feature with tailored recommendations.
You also gain access to saved favorites, with the ability to add or remove stations.

Users can browse recent stations, including live and custom radio stations based on a song or artist.
You can also do the Thumbs up/Thumbs down to songs. This will help create a more personalized experience.

An awesome viewing experience on the in-car, and high-resolution Control Display.
Very comfortable and safe to use with the BMW iDrive Controller.

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iHeartRadio Integration
iHeartRadio has been certified especially by BMW for car use. So, the auto app uses BMW Group’s apps for automotive technology. After successfully connecting your smartphone to the car, launch the app, and users are presented with various functions via the iDrive controller.

However, to use iHeartRadio in your BMW, you have to make sure that BMW ConnectedDrive services are specified.

Connecting Android Devices
First, connect your Android phone to the ConnectedDrive infotainment system via Bluetooth. If you don’t know how to make the connection, then check the “My BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal” for additional details.

Next, launch the BMW Connected app on your phone. At the point, you should log into your profile.
The Next step is to launch the iHeartAuto app on your phone. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up for a new iHeartRadio account. You can also log in to an existing account, or listen without registering.

Now, on your ConnectedDrive system, navigate to the “ConnectedDrive” menu.

On the menu, follow the steps to connect your Android phone.
After connecting, iHeartRadio should appear in the list of apps in the “ConnectedDrive” menu, “Media/Radio” menu, or “Radio” menu.

Finally, select iHeartRadio to launch the app and begin listening.

This is another award-winning digital music service that gives you on-demand access to over 20 million tracks. This digital music device makes it easier than ever to discover, manage, and share music with your friends. Also, making sure that artists get a fair deal.

You can access your own music and playlists or use features like Radio and Browse to find the perfect music for you.
You can also enjoy an intuitive viewing experience on the car’s high-resolution Control Display
It is absolutely comfortable and safe to use with the iDrive Controller

This digital music service is one of the best android apps for your BMW. It is the world’s most powerful music discovery platform.

Pandora delivers billions of hours of personalized music tailored to the tastes of each music listener. Music full of discovery, giving users an undiluted music pleasure.

Pandora with BMW Apps for Android.
Great news! Pandora, the world’s most digital music service platform, is now available on Android devices in a seamless listening experience for new BMW drivers.

Pandora users can access existing or create new stations using the iDrive Controller.
Just like the two listed above, you can do the Thumb-up, thumb-down. You can also bookmark songs to personalize the driver’s Pandora stations from the road.
It is comfortable, simple, and safe. Pandora can be used intuitively to minimize driver distraction.

There are not so many android apps for BMWs but the above listed are just my own list of android apps for your BMW. Read through again and pick the best you should enjoy your ride with.

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