For every Instagram marketing campaign, growing the number of followers and popularity has become the real thing. Furthermore, this is done to improve the reputation of a brand and get more purchases.

Sometimes, getting followers and attention to the page is very hard. Hence why you should download these android apps to get followers on Instagram.

This is why so many apps have been designed to help owners get a higher number of interactions. Now, if you want to learn more about these apps, read on.

Some persons with Android devices look for the best app to get followers to grow their accounts. Of course, there are so many of them, making it very difficult to choose. So, I have decided to categorize the functions, like the number of features and how easy it is to use.


  • Stormlikes For Getting Likes On Instagram

First on my list is Stormlikes. Stormlikes is one of the top players for getting likes and followers on Instagram. It is a paid app though, and their claim is getting likes as quickly as you make your payment.

Their customer care is available 24/7 to answer your questions and needs. Stormlikes also promises users that their likes come from real accounts and not fake ones.

All you have to do is tell vendors who your target audience is and voila! They got it all covered. No negative reviews about this app and it is safe as they communicate via live chat.

Also, these app vendors don’t require any personal info to deliver their services. This is very important because we all need to avoid scams by all means. And if your numbers start to drop, you can always contact them to help and they will.

  • Instarabbit For Getting Likes On Instagram

This is one of the newest app designed for the same purpose of getting Instagram likes. Instarabbit promises its users to send at least 250 likes per post.

Plus, they will be delivered within the hour as well, depending on your target though. This can only mean that this app can come with a hashtag location or user targeting.

Instarabbit App Interphase
instarabbit at work

These features are really helpful as it helps the account appear higher in a search result for the targeted audience. Instarabbit is a paid app but you can still try the free version. In addition, like Stormlikes no password is required and likers come from real users.

With Instarabbit, the emphasis is on safety which is very important for Instagram users. Plus, the team at Instarabbit designed this system in a way that it complies with the rules of Instagram. That way, the app user account cannot get banned for using this tool.

  • Social Viral For Getting Likes On Instagram

This app helps get likes for a user by increasing Instagram engagement and building a following. Has some very affordable packages that can help clients grow their profiles.

It is a very transparent app, with good customer support. There is a high and good competitive quality which is good for their clients. No subscription is required and instant delivery is guaranteed.

One important thing to note about this app is that it is heavily focused on customer needs. The Social Viral team displays honesty and explains that customers need to do their work too. They do their part and the customer maintains a following.

  • Istlike For Getting Likes On Instagram

This android app for getting likes on Instagram is the oldest provider in this field. They help clients increase their interactions on Instagram, and the app is best for safety. They simply help clients safely get likes. Istlike is quite transparent and has clear terms.


The team at Istlike promises to be very discrete, as they assure their clients that none of their information will ever be sold. Istlike app also guarantees quality service for all their clients.

  • Like Plus For Getting Likes On Instagram

This android app for getting likes on Instagram is the most developed and has several versions. The app creators keep designing new ones and add more features to leave their clients even more satisfied.

Like Plus service is completely free, easy to download and install. This Android app helps to get likes by detecting persons who might be interested in an account through hashtags.

After detecting persons with similar interests, the app matches clients with the hashtags. It is quite safe and comes with a nice interface.

  • Magic Liker For Getting Likes On Instagram

Magic Liker is another app for getting likes only with a different touch. How does it work? It sends images to users with similar interests instead of making them utilize specific hashtags. Moreover all you have to do to get started is register on this platform.

The Android app comes with one of the best designs, it is completely easy to use. Registration on this platform is simple to complete with clear terms. This app helps clients to gain safe exposure daily, which is the focus for everyone who wants to boost their reputation.

In conclusion, these apps are very efficient for digital marketers who want to boost their brand’s reputation. Read through again, and select the one that works for you.