Most of the smartphones you get today can build video editing, just like most laptops you know. However, when it comes to video and photo editing, you need to improve the device.

You will agree that video & photo editing, games are resource-intensive. As a result, most laptops have transformed themselves into powerful and flexible machines to handle tasks—however, only a few scores.

Things to keep in mind when you’re hunting, like laptops, are power processing, memory, graphics card, and hard disk space. Processors, RAM, storage, and displays all play an essential role in the equation.

Generally, the most sought-after laptops are high RAM (8 or 16GB), Nvidia Graphics Card (4 or 8 GB), full-screen HD resolution, and powerful processors such as the i5 i7. Full HD display gives you a crystal clear view of media editing & filmmaking.

Laptops for Video and Photo Editing

15-inch Apple Macbook Pro with Retina display

High-speed configuration engine with 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 processor, 1TB of flash storage, 16GB of DDR3L RAM, Intel Iris Pro Graphics integrated, and a discrete Nvidia GeForce GT 750M GPU with 2GB GDDR5.

Also, it has a retina display that helps reduce glare while maintaining color and quality. 2880 × 1800 resolution on the 15-inch MacBook Pro, on the other hand, lets you see more of your high-resolution images with pixel-to-pixel accuracy.

When you see more than 4 million pixels wrapped up in a display, the results you get are excellent. Images, in turn, you add to the graphics, can lead you to a new level of realism in the game.

All interior materials are in a thin aluminum case weighing just 4.46 pounds. All this power comes at a cost – $ 3199! As a Windows user, you can install Windows OS using BootCamp on an Apple machine, and you’ll be ready to go.

Dell XPS 15 – Laptops For Video Editing

This machine can offer reliable performance if you don’t mind spending the extra money to get the job done. The full version of the machine comes with a 3840 x 2160 pixel touch screen display and costs $ 2500. Given the heavy price from the user’s perspective, laptops are lighter and smoother from the manufacturer’s side.

The newer versions feature sharp 4K views, improved battery life, a 2.2GHz Core i7 four-core Core chip, and an Nvidia graphics card. It’s up to orders with up to 16GB of RAM and either 512GB SSD or 1TB hard drive.

All of these elements are more than enough to offer a seamless video editing experience. Besides, the hardware benefits are available by the machine. It can be connected to multiple monitors and turned into a primary video editing workstation as needed. HP ENVY Touchsmart

The selling point of this machine is the touch screen interface that is not visible to other brands on the market. Internals of HP Envy includes Intel quad-core i7 third-party processor, up to 8 GB of memory, HD graphics, 750 GB hard drive, turbo upgrades, and more.

Lithium batteries help you get more hours to work (around 8 hours), and their technical specifications provide support for any video editing software. 17.3 “Full HD display gives you a crystal clear view for more media editing & movie engagement.

It has a 1366 X 768 screen resolution to provide a clear image without any blurring in it. Price – $ 1,058.

Asus Zenbook UX301 – Laptops For Video Editing

Lightweight body with a slim profile and 13.3-inch multi-touch display at resolutions between 1080p and Retina-Esque 2560 × 1440 pixels (1920 × 1080 also available) Asus Zenbook emerged as one of the best laptops for photo and video editing.

With innards of 256GB SSD and runs 17 core processors in a slim, smart design. Get it for $ 1,299.

Lenovo Y50 UHD – Laptops For Video Editing

It is a blessed laptop with 15-inch (3840 × 2160) ultra-high-resolution, 2.5GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB solid-state drive, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M with 4GB of GDDR5.

While all the specifications helped it be considered one of the best purchases for video and photo editing machines, it cost £ 5.3, hampering usability and frustrating us.

Also, laptops are good, and performance and display are features that should be in consideration. Price – $ 1,399.99.