Java is one of most populous and in demand programming language to learn. Itis designed as easy to use, write and compile. Also we find it easy to debug the code. It is most times used as the server-side language for most back-end development project which includes software and Andriod development. Infact by default it is the best programming language for scientific application.

Java is a general-purpose programming language that is class-based, object-oriented ( although not a pure object-oriented language, as it contains primitive types), and designed to have a few implementation dependencies as possible. Next are some of the 10 best projects you can build with Java as a programming language.

10 Best Project to Build with Java

 1. Games Scores And News Scrolls

Checking your live scores of games can be so fun, reading the latest news as they drop too is yet another work of java. The news ticker applet helps to display new scrolling vertically. It also has the ability to scroll up and down. Also effects can be added such as flames (burn the message up), liquid metal (makes words flow into metal blob), Orbiting(makes words turn in circular motion) etc.

2. Chat Applications

This is done in java using MulticastSocket( JavaPlatform SE 7 class). It will be a concole application launched from the command line. Creating fancy easy to use chat applications is another thing, either it is Internet Relay chat or it is a direct chatting app like MSN and Yahoo. In this case we could even have multiple client connected to a server while they chat with each other. Just like a chat room scene.

3. Get  Current Weather 

You can get current  weather for a given postal code or a geo-location. This is interestingly used in weather forecasting. Where the user can check the condition of the present day climate and predict if its going to be cloudy or sunny. You could even write down the name of the city in your prediction.

4. Content Management System

With Java, you can create your own content management systems just like Joomla, Drupal, PHP Nuke, etc. This are platforms for managing and administring website content. This is very important because it helps to build and maintain websites. Also highly needed in updating and editing contents on the website.

5. Captcha Maker 

Been to that website where you have to enter a series of alpha-numeric to confirm you are human? Well, that is a captcha for you. It is created to block spam or auto sign-up by bots. With the use of Cage in the Captcha Image GEnerator java library. It is fast, small and simple. Its main goal is to generate images that are easy to read for a human. But very difficult for a computer to by-pass.

6. Event Scheduler and Calendar

You can make any app that makes scheduled events on your calendar and even adds notes to it. Calendar class in java is an abstract class that provides methods for converting date between a specific instant. More specifically in time, month, year, day etc. Also java helps one to schedule an upcoming event ahead with special features like addiing alarm, special notes, images etc.

7. Downloader Application

You can make an application that helps to downloads videos from any platform. Directly to your drive in whatever format you want to be it MP4 or AVI. We have some websites that restricts one from downloading its content. But using java download manager all thses would be made easy. Websites like Youtibe limits one from downloading. But several form of java downloader have emerge today to make it easy.

8. Games

You Can create all types of games you want with java ranging from battleship to chess and checkers crossword puzzles or even hangman. Using libGDX one can make all forms of 2D-games. Making games with java is quite profitable amd more people are heading towards this line.

9. Electricity Billing system

Here the main focus of java is to computerise our electricity bills to make it seamless and readily accesible. This is more service oriented with high level of speed and accuracy. It does not need a large number of people to manage it. Once it has been installed in a system it will automatically calculate the number of units of each consumer registered on the system.

10. Health-care Management system

It can be a web based or stand alone application. It will help to provide effecttine management of employee data, patient data, medical data and patients in the hospital.

All in all making use of java in projects comes in handy. As it is easy to use, high speed performance and secured on a robust platform. It offers various applications in the area fo mobile development and web application development. Futhermore games, database connection and desktop applications are not left out. Gaining fluency in java opens the door to many opportunities.