Per year, Apple Global Developer Conference (WWDC) brought big news to the digital world. Its 2021 version introduces new tools, and with the launch of iOS 15 in the fall, these tools will change the rules of the game in the App Store.

Apple announced a new way to optimize product pages A/B testing And possibility Create different product pages Target different audiences better.You can also set In-app events. New Tools Application Analysis It will also appear to allow you to analyze the results of all these new changes.

Product page optimization: A/B testing

A/B testing has finally come to the App Store. Since being available in the Google Play store in 2015, developers have been asking for similar options on Apple for years. Message iOS 15 will finally answer these prayers and provide A/B testing on the App Store.

Thanks to the new product page optimization, you will be able to test up to 3 different variants Up to 90 days. You can even choose the coverage you want these variants to (the percentage you choose will be evenly divided among the different variants you plan).

In these variations, you will be able to try Different app icons, app preview videos or screenshots. You will not be able to test different titles and subtitles. If you use the application icon to run the test, the user who downloaded your application will display your test icon on their home screen. A/B testing can also use a specific localization. If your application uses multiple localizations, you will have the opportunity to choose whether you only want to test on a specific localization.

source: apple

The new screenshots and videos you will provide for the treatment still need to be reviewed by Apple before the test can begin. However, the new analysis will allow you to monitor the results (including impressions, downloads, conversion rates, and improvement of each processing relative to the baseline). If the test is successful, you will be able to apply the most resonant processing method as the default page of the application.

Product page customization

Apple also announced new possibilities for customizing product pages.With this new tool, you will be able to create up to 35 different landing pages, Mainly used for UA purposes. These custom product pages will allow you to display different features and content for different purposes, aiming to make them more relevant and effective for specific audiences. However, they all need to be approved by Apple.

Each custom page can have its own set App preview videos, screenshots and promotional textAnd will Fully localized. They can also use their own Unique URL, Allowing you to link your custom pages from external sources and match them with your social media ads.

source: apple

Application analytics will allow you to view metrics for each page, including Impressions, downloads, and conversion rateHowever, you can also monitor what happens after users download the app, and gain new access to retained data and the average revenue per paying user for each custom product page. Not only can you customize the pages, but you can also analyze how each page converts your users. When the feature is activated, you will be able to create each page without submitting a new version of the application.

In-app events

This fall, you will be able to display events that happen in your app directly on the App Store. In-app activities can range from game competitions to movie premieres, and even fitness challenges.This is a new way of display Events that occur in your application, To expand their influence, perhaps because they attract some users!

In-app events will appear on the App Store through new event cards. This card is designed to show basic information about your event: Your event name, short description, time indicator, and image or video (Maximum 30 seconds!). The activity card will be available on your product page (if the user has not yet downloaded your app, it will be below your screenshot, if it has been downloaded, it will be above), but it can also be found by searching!

Clicking on the event card will forward the user to Event details page You can share longer descriptions and larger media assets to provide users with more background information about your activities.The event details page will also have a Unique shareable URL It will remain available for 30 days after the event ends.

You will be able to promote your event to Two weeks before the start, Apple’s editorial team will plan a series of exciting and innovative activities in the “Today”, “Games” and “Apps” tabs.Each application will be able to host 10 events in the approved state (when they pass the App Store review), but you can only publish Send 5 events to the App Store at once.

Similarly, App Analytics allows you to track the number of impressions, where users saw your activity, whether they opened the app or the activity detail page, the number of apps downloaded or re-downloaded, and the number of notifications enabled.

source: apple

Improved application analysis

As we have shown before, to assist with the new elements of iOS 15, Apple is also improving App Analytics to help you make the most of its new tools.From the fall, you will be able to Monitor your app pre-purchase activity Through the number of impressions, product page views and pre-orders. These figures will also be provided based on their territory.

In addition Monitor your earnings Over time, you can still Check the reception of your updates, For example, how many users have installed your app update. Not only update, but also re-download. With the new features in App Analytics, you will be able to view and re-download by region, device, etc.

This is not the only thing. App Analytics also allows you to analyze data from macOS users (such as crashes and downloads), as well as your App Clips (including installations, sessions, crashes, top-level areas, and card views). As we have seen before, App Analytics’ new dashboard will also help you view the new features of iOS 15, such as product page optimization and customization, and of course in-app events.

The App Store has 600 million visitors every week in 175 countries/regions, so it’s important to provide the best experience for users using its platform. These new features will enhance the user experience and provide new ways to present your application in the best possible way. To recap, the main announcements of the App Store in iOS 15 are:

  • The arrival of A/B testing with product page optimization, which allows you up to 3 processing pages to test your icons, preview videos and screenshots
  • Up to 35 different customizations can be created for your product page, each with its own URL
  • Show users your in-app events, regardless of whether they have installed the app
  • A brand new App Analytics dashboard to monitor all these changes and compare performance

Have you followed all the news of WWDC 2021? What is your opinion on all this news? Tell us in the comments!

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