Instagram is 10 years old The 4th most downloaded app in the past ten yearsDespite its early success at launch (reaching 1 million users two months after launch), can it keep up with increasing competition? TikTok swept the world by staggering numbers last year, and it doesn’t seem to be ready to stop.With YouTube, Google’s video giant is shorts, Can Instagram remain competitive?

Instagram started as a photo-sharing platform where users can upload pictures in a square format (and in most cases add filters on it) and exchange likes and comments, but it has been adapting to the ever-changing social media landscape.Video was added in June 2013, when the short video application vine Flourish. In 2019, they launched reel, A new portrait video format, very similar to Douyin.

In 2020, after the sudden success of TikTok, Instagram lost its status as the second favorite social media among American teenagers.And according to App Annie’s mobile status report, Users now spend more time on TikTok than Instagram on average.

Instagram will no longer be photo-centric

Although it was originally a social media dedicated to photographic media, video is about to steal the limelight on Instagram. On the last day of June, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced some changes to the platform.

According to the video, Instagram will focus on 4 main themes: creator, shopping, messaging, and video. Mosseri stated that supporting their creators and “helping them make a living” remains one of their main concerns (such as Recently announced that they will invest $1 billion in creators).

In addition, they also hope to adapt to the changes caused by the pandemic, especially the shift from offline commerce to online shopping, and the increase in the use of private information.

Although Mosseri’s 2-minute video introduces 4 topics in the future of Instagram, what he really goes deep into is one: video. According to research led by Instagram, people wanting entertainment is one of the main reasons they use the app. Because video is the main reason for online growth, they want to embrace it.

Can Instagram keep up with the competition?

Both TikTok and YouTube are officially cited in the video as “Very fierce competition”And the direct motivation for investing in video. Although YouTube has been an important player in the video industry for many years, TikTok has only recently exploded. In its 3 years of existence, it has been reshaping the social network ecosystem. Even the video giant YouTube also launched shorts In July, A feature that can host short videos and use pre-existing sound clips to continue playing on TikTok’s venues.

source: Instagram

Instagram launch reel Compete with Chinese apps on a global scale in August 2020. They actually launched TikTok in India in July 2020 after it was banned, and then launched a global launch a few months later. reel Got a lot of attention on Instagram, reel Recently, a button was added directly to the homepage, and a full-screen advertisement was launched in this feature in June 2021.

Adam Mosseri did not specify what will change, but he did reveal that it will be launched in the next few months They want to “embrace video more broadly” with full-screen, immersive, entertaining, and mobile-first video features. We can only wait and see!

Will it change the way Instagram works?

Since no specific content was officially announced, we are left with speculation.Because Mosseri lists TikTok and YouTube as direct competitors, we can imagine reel Will continue to rise. Photographers and digital artists have expressed their concern that Instagram’s video-centricity will mean losses for those who produce static content.

Comparison between youtube short film, tiktok and instagram scroll

What does this mean for marketers?The first image ad is displayed on a social media platform November 1, 2013 (Video ads appear one year later). right now, Over 2 million advertisers are actively using Instagram It is said that it brings Advertising revenue in 2019 is 20 billion U.S. dollars.

Instagram is a place advertisers should not miss. Will it change when it transitions from a photo-sharing application to a video-centric platform?Yes, but it only means It will bring more opportunities for marketersIt’s no secret that video is now booming on desktop and mobile devices. Mosseri’s goal is to adapt to this trend.Advertisers have tried video ads, thanks to story then, reel, Maybe this is a signal to completely turn to video ads and leave static and photo ads behind, at least on Instagram.

reel Become prominent on the app: it gained a direct button instead of the search button. They are also highlighted in the exploration function (they look larger than the photos, and the automatic playback is guaranteed to attract the user’s attention, even if only for a few seconds). reel Progress is being made in the user’s family feed, where suggested scrolls are now displayed in the carousel, between the posts of people you follow.

Although there is no conclusion yet, it is certain that Mosseri and his Instagram team will launch more videos on Instagram.Are they making video-friendly algorithms or making reel page The actual homepage (making Instagram more like TikTok), it is expected that videos will soon have more influence on the platform than photos and static content.Now more than ever, it’s time to switch to video content (especially reel format)!

Did you see Adam Mosseri’s announcement? What do you think the new feature will be? Tell us in the comments!

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