iHeartRadio is a free broadcast, podcast, and streaming radio station. It was founded in 2008. iHeartRadio offers world premieres from the artists you love, who you can even see or hear live through exclusive events. It prides itself as one of the largest radio networks in the world.

iHeartRadio helps to bring together the best of America’s favorite radio stations, podcasts, and music all in one platform. All can be accessed for free. Unlimited streaming of your chosen program. You can always pipeline your listening options by their different genre like jazz, comedy, news, talk shows, rock, rhythm and blues etc.

Is it Free and Subscription

It is free to download and free to access some features like streams, thousands of live radio stations, podcasts, and playlists. To access all features on IHeartRadio it cost $9.99 on the web, amazon, and android but $12.99 on Ios. Payment can be processed through iHeart’s official website, Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and App Store.

Features of iHeartRadio

  •          Custom radio stations.
  •          Live radio.
  •          Entertainment news.
  •          Podcasts.

Pros and Cons of iHeartRadio


  •          On iHeartRadio you can listen to stations from everywhere around the world.
  •          iHeartRadio is free
  •          iHeartRadio organizes exclusive concerts
  •          In IHeartRadio there are stations divided by genres
  •          iHeartRadio has exclusive online stations, with music specially selected for your musical tastes.


  •          Plus, the plan lacks a web version.
  •          Unable to rewind live radio.
  •          Bland interface.
  •          lacks Hi-Res Audio tracks.

How to Download IHeartRadio On Android, iOS and Computer

For Android

  •            Go to your Android devices and go to the Google Play Store.
  •            Tap the icon from your Home screen.
  •            Go to Search at the right corner and type “iHeartRadio”
  •            Tap the iHeartRadio icon.
  •            Tap the Install button.

For iOS

  •            Using your IOS device, go to the App Store.
  •            Tap the icon from your IOS device Home screen.
  •            Go to Search and type “iHeartRadio”
  •            Tap the iHeartRadio icon.
  •            Then install and login.

For Computer

  •            To begin, install BlueStacks in PC
  •            After Bluestacks installation, double-click its icon from the desktop to launch it.
  •            Once BlueStacks is launched, you need to log in via email from within Bluestacks
  •            Click “Play Store” button in the emulator
  •            Search for iHeartRadio
  •            The App will display then you can install.

10 Alternatives to iHeartRadio

1.       Spotify

Spotify is a free music streaming service providing digital rights management-restricted content from record labels including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group, and Universal. Spotify is a Swedish audio streaming and media services provider founded on 23 April 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. It is the world’s largest music streaming service provider.

2.       Last.fm

Last.fm is a music community website that offers personalized internet radio, using a recommendation system called “Audioscrobbler” to build a detailed profile of users based on their music tastes and interests.

3.       Hulu

Hulu is a streaming service in the US. It offers video content such as television shows and feature-length movies. For $6.99 per month, it gives its users access to Hulu’s content library. For $12.99 per month users can enjoy a commercial-free experience.

4.       Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a social network dedicated to musicians. This network allows all members to distribute their songs on the channel available there depending on the musical genre in which their music falls. In Soundcloud, a complete song must be uploaded for the application to analyze it.

5.            Audiomack

Audiomack is a music service platform specially made for both listeners and creators. As a creator, you can upload your work to get the potential reach. As a listener, you can discover and listen to new and trending songs. Audiomack allows listeners to like, repost and share songs on other social networks.

6.            YouTube Music

Youtube Music is a musical version of popular Youtube and it has a unique feature known as ‘Hotlist,’ where it lists all trending songs. The Hotlist section of YouTube Music could be enough to meet users’ moods with unlimited music. It also shows music recommendations based on users’ recent search, taste, and location.

7.            Deezer

Deezer is an Internet-based music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music content from record labels, including EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group, and Warner.

8.            Pandora

Pandora Radio is a free (ad-supported) Internet radio founded in 2000. Using the Musical Genome Project, more than 400 attributes of songs are analyzed to personalize.

9.            Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a platform that allows users to upload music to libraries. The library can be accessed from anywhere as it has cross-platform support. It’s free to use, but it has a premium version, much better than the free one. Google Play Music can also be used as a music player app to play local files.

10.   Tidal

Tidal is a great alternative to iHeartRadio because it is a music and entertainment platform that offers more than 70 million songs in its catalog, high-resolution videos, high-fidelity sound quality, and expertly curated content.

How to Find a Station in iHeartRadio?

  •          Launch the iHeartRadio app on your device.
  •          Select Search at the top of the app.
  •          Use the on-screen keyboard to search for your favorite station or artist within the iHeartRadio app.

Stations on iHeartRadio

  •          WCJM-FM 100.9
  •          WKKR 97.7
  •         WMXA 96.7
  •          WPCH 1310
  •          WTLM 1520
  •          WZMG 910
  •          WDXB 102.5
  •          WDXB HD-2 92.7
  •          WERC 960
  •          WERC-FM 105.5
  •          WERC-FM HD-2 105.1
  •          WERC-FM HD-3 106.5
  •          WMJJ 96.5
  •          WMJJ HD-2 104.1
  •          WQEN 103.7
  •          WQEN HD-2 103.1
  •          WQEN HD-3 103.7
  •          WAAX 570/101.9
  •          WGMZ 93.1

How to Play iHeartRadio in a Car.

  •          Connect your phone to your car’s display via mini lightning cable.
  •          Once your car display’s screen switches to the phone CarPlay.
  •          Then you will be able to access the music tab at the bottom.
  •          The screen will display all available music apps currently on your phone.
  •          Scroll down until you find iHeartRadio and press it.

IHeartRadio live?

IHeartRadio Live offers the best of live radio combined with easy-to-use features like the ability to save and replay songs directly from live and custom Artist Radio stations and personalized music playlists.

The iHeartRadio Live gives the ability to search and play any song instantly and gives access to download offline and listen when not connected to the internet.

iHeartRadio Podcast

To listen to podcasts on iHeartRadio tap the Podcasts tab on iOS or Android or visit iHeart.com/podcasts and check out our podcast directory.

These are the popular podcasts on iHeartRadio: crime junkie, around the NFL, ’twas the night before Christmas, red table talk, and before breakfast.


iHeartRadio gives user exactly what they want to hear. You can choose from radio stations and podcasts from anywhere. You can save your “Collection” of stations within the app or their website which also offers you an alarm clock service, so you can start your days with your favorite music.