Huawei now Sell ​​off With the Honor brand, the company can become an independent smartphone brand and will once again release smartphones pre-installed with Google services. With the company leaving its parent company Huawei, Honor explained exactly how future firmware updates will be implemented.

Honor View 20 (December 2018)

Honor Finland confirmed to i>SuomiMobiili that Huawei will process firmware updates during the rest of the life cycle of all Honor devices released before April 1, 2021. This means that Honor will be solely responsible for handling firmware updates for devices released after April 1.This means firmware updates for new devices Honor 50 The series will be handled exclusively by Honor. This date is important because Honor withdrew from Huawei between March and April.

Honor promised to continue to support old Finnish equipment as much as possible before referring it to Huawei for support.

If consumers contact us, we always help [them] As much as possible before the director [them] Give Huawei customer service.We will continue to help solve problems related to the use of smartphones[…] The purpose is to provide services for new and old HONOR consumers as much as possible. “-Suvi Surenkin, Honorary Marketing Director of Finland and the Baltic Region.

In addition, Huawei has confirmed that it will continue to support high-end Honor devices with monthly updates and more affordable devices quarterly.

Honor 20 Pro (July 2019)
Honor 20 Pro (July 2019)

Huawei confirmed that Honor 20, 20 Pro and View 20 will receive monthly updates. At the same time, Huawei will provide quarterly security update support for the following devices at the end of the product cycle:

It is worth noting that although Huawei may continue to support Honor devices, it does not guarantee that these devices will receive a complete Android version upgrade, whether it is Android 11 or Hongmeng OS. We are very happy to hear that the mobile phone will at least update the security patch.

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