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The process for a college application can be a repetitive and regularly upsetting procedure for undergraduates and their folks. 


Common App Will help you through the tedious college application.

Common is an Application acknowledged by almost 900 schools. A few universities situated outside the U.S. helps facilitate this worry of the admissions process for students. 

“The thought behind the Common App is to attempt to lessen the hindrances students face when applying to school. Words of ” Jenny Rickard, president, and CEO of The Common Application. 

Through the app, candidates can apply to different schools without a moment’s delay.

So students just need to round out subtitles that most schools require. These include name, address, parental business and training, and extracurricular exercises, once. 

Notwithstanding its prevalence, the Common App might be complex for certain individuals. But only for those who do not have information on the application and how it functions. 

The guide beneath can help gain proficiency with all you have to think about the Common app. This will help it facilitates students and guardians through the application.


What is a Common App? 

The Common app (Common Apps) is a solitary, not-for-profit online school application structure utilized by more than 700 universities and colleges. 

Rather than rounding out a similar general data—like your location, GPA, and extracurriculars— you just need to do it once. 

The Common App dashboard likewise causes you to track essential application reports (like your letters of recommendation) and significant deadlines.

Top 3 Benefits of the Common App

  1. Save time. Rather than rounding out similar data multiple times, you just need to do it once. 
  2. Reduce senior year stress. The Common App dashboard, can show what reports and letters of recommendation you have submitted and what is as yet extraordinary.
  3. Write just one essay (in addition to any enhancements). You’ll submit one essay through the Common Application for every one of your schools. A few schools may ask you to likewise address a couple of supplemental inquiries.

How to use the common app

Follow these means to apply to college through the Common Application.

  1. Create a Common App account.

All you need is an email address to begin. You’ll be notified to make a login and password. This is to address a couple of speedy inquiries regarding what your identity is when you’re applying.

  1. Affirm which of the schools on your rundown acknowledges the Common Application. 

Not all schools acknowledge the Common App.

Universities may necessitate that you fill out their application or request that you utilize another application system. 

Add schools that intrigue you to the My Colleges list in your Common App account. 

  1. Audit the admission data for each school you are thinking about. 

Remember that Common App schools can have diverse writing, testing, essay, and letter of recommendation requirements.

Ensure you do your exploration! You’ll utilize a similar Common College application form however admission requirements may contrast from school to class.

For instance, one school may require SAT Subject Test scores while another school may be test-optional. 

Numerous schools will ask you to compose essays. In addition to the Common App essay or have extra college-specific inquiries for you to reply to. 

You’ll have the option to present these additional items through the Common App dashboard. 

  1. Gather the data you KNOW you’ll require 

Generally, every application will request a duplicate of your secondary school transcript. A rundown of your extracurricular, and data about your parent or guardians’ educational foundation and work history

  1. Begin chipping away at your application 

Your Application Dashboard will show every one of your schools and the status of every segment of your application. 

Pick an essay topic, begin filling all in all data, or approach an educator for a letter of proposal. There’s no school application task too enormous or little! 

  1. Submit!

All your application materials should be submitted by 11:59 pm on the deadline date posted in your Common App Dashboard.

  1. Track the status of your application(s) 

The labels on your Dashboard are there to control your direction. A green check implies your work has been submitted to that specific school. A yellow circle implies your application is in progress. A red implies that a specific area isn’t required for admission.

The general section of the Common Application requires:

  • A duplicate of your secondary school transcript 
  • A rundown your extracurricular exercises both inside and outside of school 
  • Test scores and test dates from your school selection tests (SATs, ACTs, SAT Subject Tests) 
  • Parent or Legal Guardian data (educational background, work-related data, employer data, and so on.)

Tips for the Common Application 

Even though you know from the above segment how to fill the Common Application. These tips will assist you with discovering ease all the while and make a striking application. This will ideally get you into one (or more!) of your fantasy schools. 

We’ve included 10 hints here, extending from down to earth, individual to proficient. All intended to assist you with rounding out the Common App effortlessly, certainty, and achievement.

  • Save Login Information.
  • Bookmark Your Application.
  • Give Yourself Plenty of Time.
  • Create a To-Do List.
  • Choose the “Right” Essay Prompt.
  • Save Your Answers (Somewhere Else!)
  • Take What You Need
  • Review and Edit
  • Be Yourself

Schools That Accept the Common Application

With more than 900 schools on the Common Application. Many more universities and colleges joining the platform every year, you have a lot of alternatives.

Rather than posting every one of them here, we will guide you to the easy-to-navigate search tool .

This search engine permits you to look by U.S. state, schools outside of the U.S., public or private, acknowledgment of transfer application, and other models like men only, women only, or co-educational institutions.

Also, the “Explore Colleges” segment of the Common App site, offers you apparatuses to find schools dependent on locale, name, or state. 

It is conceivable that a school on your rundown may not acknowledge the Common Application. Numerous public schools and colleges don’t acknowledge the Common App. 

Private schools appear to be bound to acknowledge the Common Application. With each of the eight Ivy League schools (Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College. Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University). 

Other exceptionally private schools (Stanford University, University of Chicago, California Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University, and Rice University) tolerating the Common Application. 

At long last, take a gander at it along these lines; a great part of the data that you gathered for the Common Application. Your essays, reflections, and test scores — can effectively be reused on different applications. Slight changes to fit the necessities of each school. 

If you’ve filled out the Common App, you have just done the main part of the work required. You just need to make little adjustments on your application to specific schools on your list.

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