What is Java? How do I use Facebook Lite on Java-powered devices? These are the questions I will giving answers shortly. Just sit tight and lets the kick-off.

The Java operating system is definitely a programming language with the aim of supporting the installation of any device. Java-powered devices have very low configuration and using this operating system has a tiny disadvantage in downloading applications with large storage space. So, if you use this unpopular operating system, there are some very few suitable apps you can use comfortably on your device. 

Now, that we have established that fat, let’s see how we can use Facebook Lite on Java powered devices.  

On the Java Powered device, the Facebook Lite app is somewhat similar to the operating system on the windows phone and so on. One of the major benefits you get from using Facebook Lite on Java-powered devices is that Facebook Lite helps save the storage space on your device.

The icons and features are clearly represented clearly on the page, you only need to use the arrowhead to select any of the features you use. FB Lite on Java-powered devices still has the most basic features as the original Facebook application.

Having phones that use Java low configuration such as Galaxy Ace, LG G3, Galaxy J2, and others, you no longer need to pay for a subscription fee of 3G on mobile devices due to the FB Lite app for configuration phones. Usually, phones with low configuration don’t have too much space, they use configuration with the simple resolution, low RAM, slow speed and poor app-stores.

So, with the aim to reach phone users with the low configuration, the manufacturer has successfully launched a version of the application running with the saved space, just 17KB to download on device and 262KB when running in the app.



Facebook Lite manufacturers allow users to enjoy the world’s largest social network with a compact version, fully features as using the original FB Lite phones with high configuration. Simply amazing. 

All you need to do is download FB Lite for your Java devices to fully experience the exciting features on your mobile devices that you thought were only meant to call and send messages.

You can now upload those beautiful photos of yours, receive notifications and reply to your friends on Facebook Lite app. Give it a shot, and make your every day not boring anymore just because you use a Java device.

So, if your addiction for Facebook has surpassed the level of the technology of your smartphone, you might be a bit frustrated and it is understandable, but the good thing is that you probably don’t need to get all worked up because you can still enjoy your Facebook on Java-powered device by simply using Facebook Lite on your device.

In case, you are starting to fall apart, I have got good news for your Java phone, Facebook Lite is for you. Some of the benefits you enjoy when you use Facebook Lite on Java phones are;

You can get access to all of facebook’s sections

 The app is very light on resources

The app has all major features as the Original Facebook app

There is actually nothing really special about the Facebook Lite app except that it can operate on Java phones, and it is also only 1MB in size which saves a lot of storage space. You can now stay connected using the latest Facebook app with real-time chat features, you can send group messages, photos, share status updates, comment and like. Review and post photos, check your news feed, get push notifications and much more!

So, bring that Java phone out, download Facebook Lite on Java, try the application and let us know what you think.