Streaming video games is something numerous aficionado and random players need to participate in, however, getting a stream ready for action on your favored gaming platform can be a bore for some. 

Streaming includes sharing the games you play and your responses continuously with a remote crowd. It resembles bringing the whole web into your game room while you’re attempting to beat that last boss. 

At present, the most widely accepted streaming app on the planet is Twitch, however, there’s opposition as YouTube Gaming on phones and Mixer, a Microsoft-claimed streaming platform utilized for Xbox and Windows. 

Here’s how to stream your ongoing interaction from any gadget you may be playing on, regardless of whether it’s a PC, the Xbox One, a PlayStation 4, a Nintendo Switch, or even Android or iOS. 

In any case, first, you would need to know what Twitch is!

Something about Twitch: a summary

Twitch, one of the top live streaming platforms where individuals play games, make artworks, and exhibit their everyday lives, draws in more than 2,000,000 broadcasters consistently. The number develops every year, thanks to some extent to how simple it has become to live stream, and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube likewise progressively urge individuals to share and watch live stories. you just have to push a button on your game console or phone, then you can share whatever you’re doing at that precise second with friends and strangers the same. 

Before we jump into details, here are the most essential requirements for beginning a stream, regardless of what you’re gaming on a gaming gadget, a microphone or a gaming headset, a webcam, a strong internet connection (both upload and download) and the Twitch application.


Streaming with Twitch

In case you’re attempting to contact a huge crowd (or be discovered and find the love of your life), your most solid option is Twitch. Be readied: if you want to broadcast your video game sessions to the biggest game streaming service in the world, first you will have to create Twitch account. 

Creating a Twitch an Account

Setting up an account is quite clear. Despite the fact that Twitch has an additional progression for the individuals who need to live stream on the platform, it just boils down to these three steps

  1. Make sure you’ve gone through the community guidelines. 

It may be ideal to just peruse the entire legitimate area of Twitch’s site. In any case, at any rate, you should peruse the community guidelines even before you’ve really made the record. Bookmark the page, as well, in light of the fact that the rules get incidental updates.



  • Create an account.


On a desktop computer, it’s as easy as clicking the “sign up” button and filling out the form.


On mobile devices, you need to download the Twitch mobile application. Twitch recommends signing up with your phone number initially and adding an email later.


  1. Enable two-factor authentication.

Here’s the best thing; you can’t really broadcast without enabling 2-factor authentication, and you can’t activate 2-factor authentication on mobile devices. In this way, go to your PC, sign in to your account, discover the security settings, and enable 2-factor authentication.

When you are done setting up the account, you will need broadcasting software, you can download a simple broadcasting app like Open Broadcast Software (OBS). It’s an amazing application, in spite of not having the prettiest UI. Once installed, you’ll be asked to enter your stream key so OBS can speak with your Twitch channel, and really, you know, stream something. 


From that point, you can choose your source on the off chance that you need OBS to stream from a particular window, your entire desktop, or at whatever point it detects a full-screen application (a game). Different choices like sound levels, stream quality, and so forth are accessible from the sub-menus.


How to Configure OBS


  1. Launch OBS.
  2. Click on the settings menu, Select Broadcast Settings.
  3. on the bottom-left of the menu. Click on Twitch as your Streaming Service and select Optimize.
  4. Go back to your Twitch dashboard and choose Stream Key. Follow the pop-ups to receive your unique streaming code.
  5. Finally, Copy and paste that code into the Stream Key box in the Broadcast Settings menu. Click OK.


Setting the Scene and Going Live


  1. Right-click the Sources box on the main OBS interface and select Add > Game Capture.
  2. Pick Your Game of choice from the drop-down menu and click OK.
  3. Right-click the Sources box again to include any extra feeds. You can add pictures and text to customize your layout, use Monitor Capture to show anything on your display or select Video Capture to utilize your webcam.
  4. Select Preview Stream and Edit Scene to change your stream design just as you would prefer. For instance, you should include your ongoing interaction stream conspicuously, with a little box in the corner that shows your webcam feed.


  1. on the OBS dashboard, Select Start Streaming. You’re now live!


Streaming from PS4 and Xbox Onetwitch-android-app

In the event that you have a PS4 or Xbox One, you can broadcast freely from your console without stressing over any hardware or programming. 

To stream to Twitch on PS4, basically press the DualShock 4’s Share button, select Broadcast Gameplay, and pick Twitch. When you’re signed in, you can go live with the press of a button. 

Streaming to Twitch on Xbox One is correspondingly straightforward, however, you’ll need to download the Twitch application from the Xbox Store before you begin. When you have the application and are signed in, start-up whichever game you need to stream. At that point, open the Twitch application and select Broadcast from the primary menu. 

The two consoles let you talk with your watchers from your headset, just as show your face by means of either the PlayStation Camera or Microsoft’s Kinect. You can likewise connect select microphones, for example, the HyperX Quadcast for PS4. You won’t get the chance to redo the look and feel of your stream the manner in which you can on a PC, yet console streaming is an extraordinary method to test Twitch’s waters and begin fabricating your crowd.

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Streaming From Your Phone

There are various approaches to stream to Twitch from your cell phone, regardless of whether you need to do some live vlogging or need to flaunt your skills in your preferred versatile game.


The official Twitch application for iOS and Android allows you to go live right from your phone’s camera – you should simply open up your profile and tap the large camera button on the right side of your status page. This is a good method to broadcast your regular adventures or stream yourself making music, taking a shot at craftsmanship, or basically discussing games.

Broadcasting ongoing gameplay from your phone is somewhat trickier. On Android, you can utilize applications, for example, Screen Stream Mirroring or BitStream to catch your screen and imparting it to the world. As called attention to in TouchArcade‘s handy guide, from iOS is likewise conceivable – you simply need to go through the motions.




One of the drivers behind the blast of live streaming — on the users and maker closes the same — is the content accessibility. Everything necessary is a strong internet connection and a gadget with a screen to observe live streams.