Facebook Disabled account is of great impact for any business, and the size of the company doesn’t come into play. I get a whole lot of time people complain about their ads. It’s very common with Facebook disabled payment.

This is basically because people dive into facebook Ads Without proper knowledge about how Facebook ads work.First you must understand ad policy,and have knowledge about how facebook ads work.They most times they end up with disapproved ads and disabled accounts.

The two major problem users face with  Facebook ads 

1. Disapproved Ads 

2. Disabled Account.

Ensure to read properly  When things go wrong with your Facebook ads, it typically falls into two categories: disapproved ads or disabled accounts. If you’ve received an ad disapproval, it’s likely due to a violation, whereas a disabled account is due to repeated ad violations or highly negative feedback on your account.

Disapproved Facebook Ads

There’s a difference between an ad that doesn’t get approval versus one that is flagged after running for a period of time. Common causes of ad disapproval are:

Avoid using flag words, like “this” is Facebook sees it as a clickbait for this kind of word. Unnecessary use of you – and “your” can lead to disapproval too. 

Incessant amounts of characters, markings or using all uppercase letters. 

A problem with the homepage. Redirects to another type of page would also be bad with intrusive pop-ups or revenue statements. 

Violating the ad policy’s personal attributes section. 

“Also using a trademark, logo, photos of Facebook or just not capitalizing on the word “Facebook. “

Facebook Ads Is not approved

If your advertisements are disapproved for just a period of time after running, it may be attributed to: 

Speed, or how long the advert has been going. They could report or cover it if people see the same ad too much which might cause Facebook to shut it down. 

Negative reviews from users plus reporting makes an ad appear similar to Facebook, so don’t just set up the ad and forget about it. 

A Facebook ad rep is assigned to check your account and finds your ads in breach of a policy that when you first set it up “slipped through the cracks.” 

A sweep of disapproved ads can also be caused by any changes or improvements to Facebook’s program, and in this case, it may be a mistake. 

To delete the flag that triggered the rejection, dig around and try a few things. Try the same ad from a different Facebook ad account and the same website, or another ad from the same Facebook ad account on a different page. Isolating the offending variable is the logic behind this.

If this is the ad account, the Facebook business page hosting the ad, or even the ad itself it is crucial to know. Get in touch with a person on Facebook if nothing seems to be working: 

At 9:00 a.m., Go over to Facebook Business Tools, on business days. 

You will see either the talk or email icon under the “Top Questions” heading (available only during business hours). 

To see what the issue is, consult with a support technician. Be kind to this person and demonstrate to them that you are willing (and trying) to comply with the laws. 

There is also a choice to call via email, but I have always found the conversation to be more successful. 

Be insistent. Continue to appeal if you have tried to repair the ad and it is still being flagged, or if you have chatted with a support technician and didn’t like the response. It might take several days or even a couple of weeks to complete this process, but keep trying.

Once you’ve cleared the warnings, if this is  your first time running a Facebook ad, I suggest running a few basic Facebook ads, such as Like” and awareness ads, or promoting a Facebook Live video, to get them accepted and get comfortable with the process. Usually, ads that don’t ask the user to leave Facebook are more readily approved than those that send the user off Facebook. You should switch them off after the commercials run for a few hours. This is a way to reset” the ad account so that approvals immediately start occurring. 

Facebook Ad Accounts that are Disabled 

It can be dramatic, both professionally and emotionally, if your personal ad account is disabled. Using the chat appeal method I mentioned above is the first and best choice. And don’t forget to keep trying, even the first time you get a no. I had one user who had to try four times to get their account reinstated over the course of three weeks.

Set up a new ad account using the following procedure if none of that works:

Having a friend, colleague or family member that is trusted. 

Go to the house of the person (so you’re at another IP address). 

Have a completely new business manager account started new for the person. 

Set up the business manager’s latest ad account. 

Set up a new business page for Facebook. 

Get a new payment form, such as a new credit card or debit card. 

On the new page and account, have them make you an admin so that you have full administrative rights. 

You may also need to run landing page ads that are on a domain other than your previous domain. 

Please note that you will no longer have a personal ad account, but a company manager account that your trusted friend “technically” owns. Unless you can get help to reinstate it or set up a whole new personal Facebook profile, there is no way to retrieve a personal ad account, but this is against the terms of the service deal.

Ignore the steps above if it wasn’t a personal ad account that was shut down, but a Company Manager ad account. You will simply need to build your business manager’s new ad account, a new Facebook profile, and set up a new payment system. You do not have to build a new Facebook profile in some cases. That’s why the method of testing I’ve described above is so handy. 

This is a perfect time to remember that when you start using the company manager, it’s infinitely easier to have a new account set up rather than running ads from a personal ad account. Set up your business manager as soon as possible, if you’re a business owner, and stop using a personal ad account. 

If you’re confident that you have not broken any rules, be kind and persistent. Very persistent, as it could take several days to get someone to check your account from the Facebook policy team. If you’ve spent a good amount of money in Facebook ads when you get in contact with someone, you like the platform and play by the rules, let that person you’re speaking with know that.

Finally, you legitimately violated the rules, it’s time to check the Facebook ad policies or find another way to advertise! 

How to Safeguard Your Facebook Ad Account 

Here are some ideas to save you from having to deal with losing your account, whether you had your hand slapped or not: 

1. Before making a million of them, research adverts. Before you repeat the ad sets and start running several ads at once, set one up and get it. 

2. Read very carefully Policies and guideline: 

Limited examples of content 


Forbidden examples of content 

Overview of Strategy 

3. For back-up, have several administrators on each account. 

4. Do not set up payment data ad accounts until you are able to use them. 5. Only have payment details on the account that you are actively using. 

6. Use the Business Manager to avoid your personal ad account

7. Look closely through the comments on the advertising, and if you see negative reviews, answer it promptly.

8. Don’t allow the frequency on the ad to get too high (meaning users are seeing the ad multiple times). This raises the likelihood of reviews being negative. 

9. Before you uploading your ads in the first place, do a final sweep of the ad copy, ad creative, and the landing page it goes to. 


Endeavor To read through Facebook Ads Terms and conditions avoid the prohibited like plaque. You can also buy from any of the freelancing websites to get a professional to fix this for you.

Spend time cultivating your ad account and your website. Don’t go nuts and try to post advertisements that are risky. Ultimately, don’t worry if your account is shut down; plenty of us have witnessed it. Be diligent in finding a solution as soon as possible to be back up and running.

Drop a comment below if you will need any additional help regarding Facebook Ads and Facebook Disabled account.

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