Video content marketing is the new uprising, changing the gameplay for many businesses’ advertising strategies. The trend is making many social media marketers and influencers jump off their seats. Livestream, Periscope, Instagram Live, IGTV, and Facebook Live are the tools these marketers are using to upgrade their strategies.

Going live on your Facebook page will improve your social media engagement and provide a better way to inspire and ignite your Facebook fans. Facebook Live is a live video streaming service provided by the social media giant “Facebook” that lets anyone put on-air videos from their mobile devices or computer straight to their Facebook News Feed. 

As a Facebook page marketer or editor, you must have already built your Facebook page with contents and posts and implemented Facebook marketing strategies like Facebook ads to increase your social media presence. You have probably heard of video content marketing and bordered about the amount of time it will cost to make and edit a video.

Taking your page to Facebook Live seems like an easy and natural way to give video marketing a try, here’s how. But first, don’t rush! Some tips you have to take note of before choosing your page on Facebook live, click on this link to get the tips to enjoy Facebook live.

How to go Live on your Facebook Page 

Now that you’ve got some tips and inspiration, it’s time to take your social media presence to a higher level get using Facebook Live. Creating your first Facebook Live post is quite simple, and that’s good news.

To get started, all you need is a mobile device or desktop computer with a good camera or webcam, an earphone, preferably a Bluetooth headset with a microphone. Here are some simple steps on how to go live on your Facebook page.

  • Select the live video option.

On your Facebook Page, the live video button is just below the create post box on your page. You find it alongside other options such as Event, Offer, Job, and so on. Click on that button to get started.

  • Choose how to Create a Live Video

You have three options; you can go live using your camera, a streaming software, or a paired encoder. After you make your selection, make sure to review your post details.

  • Write a Catchy Description

Your video caption and video thumbnail is by far the essential part of your video. Without a compelling description entice your viewers, your live video isn’t going to get much interaction.

When writing your video description, ensure its short, straight to the point, actionable, and informative, this will spark the curiosity of your followers.

  • Go Live

Take the first three steps above then; all you have to do is click the “Go Live” button on the screen. Make sure there is enough light so your face can show, and it won’t be dark. Interact as much as possible with your audience. 

It will certainly boost your online presence and drag traffic to your page. There is a quick access option on your page where your viewers can find all your videos in one place just by clicking the URL. 

start live
start live

Benefits of Taking your Facebook Page Live

In Live streaming, you have to connect and associate and also collaborate with your audience or clients continuously. It separates boundaries and also creates a connection that can arise above traditional marketing impediment. Here are Some of the benefits of going live on your Facebook page.

  • Facebook Live makes it simple for watchers to find new content. For advertisers, this implies the substance you’re delivering may contact new crowds that your connection hasn’t focused on before.
  • You don’t need to only Interact with your clients only when you visit your Facebook page. Facebook Live permits you to respond to your customers’ inquiries progressively. These offers, you can attract viewers when they love your content.
  • Facebook Live is an incredible method to communicate events and associate with your clients or leads that couldn’t join in. You may have a visitor speaker come into your office, or your CEO is talking at a neighborhood event. 

For whatever length of time that you have a reliable internet connection and the consents to stream the occasion live, you should completely stream live.

  • Keeping your crowd educated on industry patterns without being excessive deals centered is a significantly more reasonable approach to grow trust on Facebook with your viewers. Individuals will come to your page as their go-to source to remain educated on industry news, and you’ll build a dependable engaging following.
  • Facebook Live is the perfect chance to flaunt the unique characters and qualities behind your organization. Whether it is walking around the workplace and flaunting your space, talking with representatives, or sharing a sneak look into an organization excursion or occasion.
  • Offering your way of life to your audience has such a significant number of extended-haul benefits. Be it is for selecting recently recruited employees. Might also be for getting new followers interested in your genuine brand.

On a final note, going live on Facebook is free, easy, and convenient. It is the simplest and possibly the cheapest way to increase your online presence and grow your brand trust. OW TO GO LIVE ON FACEBOOK PAGE