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How To Get More Views On Facebook Live?

get more views on facebook live

Are you fond of broadcasting on Facebook Live? Are you satisfied with the views you get? If your answer to that question is No. Then, are you wondering how to improve that? Monitoring the engagement and reach of your Facebook Live broadcast will help you see your efforts and what you need to do to get more results.

Why Broadcast on Facebook Live?

Broadcasting Live on Facebook lets you create a more personal and healthier relationship with your audience. Although Facebook gives priority to video in the news feed, Facebook Live video ranks even higher. Because of the nature of live content, the excitement, in-the-moment feeling, people tend to spend triple the amount of time watching videos when it’s live.

Think of it this way… Facebook is the most popular social media out there, and what better way to advertise your brand. You can as well as displaying the face behind your brand to your customers. With the arrival of Facebook Live, content development in the online world has changed as more people use live streaming. 

The fact is that Facebook Live videos experience double times the engagement of distinctive videos shared on other social media, with millions of Facebook users tuning in around the globe. With the new engagement graph, viewers get to skip to the video’s parts with the most engagement. This means that marketers have more reasons to step up their game and offer consistent, engaging, and good Facebook Live videos. 

These are Tips for getting more Views on Facebook Live.

Whether you are a marketer, brand ambassador, a business owner, a celebrity, or just a regular person, the primary purpose of broadcasting on Facebook live is to get more engagement. Getting more engagement and passing information to your customers, fans, viewers, or friends is the uttermost purpose of streaming live videos.

So, I will be listing some healthy tips to get more views when streaming live videos on Facebook Live.

•  Spring Content from your community

Your community is your viewers, customers, and fans who tune in to watch your live videos. The only way to get better is to ask you’re your community what they want because that is just the easiest way to deliver high-value content to them. 

Ask people directly, run polls, or survey on what your viewers want to see and create themes based on questions and comments from the community.

• Advertise


It is important to remember that streaming lives like an event rather than just a social media post. In essence, if you want to get more views, then you need to generate interest before the event happens. However, Facebook lets you target your events and certain groups with your campaigns. 

You can remind your audience by sharing valuable news or tips on the kind of information you will be covering.  

•  Getting Prepared and controlling distractions 

For every Live streaming, you should always plan. Why that? Because your activities on Facebook Live represent you, your brand, which is why you cannot afford to leave a lousy imprint. 

Therefore, before you go live, take your time to organize. You can do this by going on a special broadcast for a test drive. After the test broadcast, you get to know if you have done well or not and make sure all necessary corrections are corrected. 

•  Take structuring decisions.

Getting more views on Facebook Live has to do with the decisions you take while prepping for your streaming. 

An important decision to take is delivering your content. Do you want a partner, or do you want to do it all alone? Do you want guests invited to the live video? What kind of conversation do you want to have with your guests or audiences? Ask yourself these questions and take your time and give structural answers. Good content is everything.

•  The right time

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to providing a good impression to your viewers. Before and during your live video, you should always consider your target viewers. The last thing you want is to stream live while your target viewers are at work or unavailable.

•  Be receptive and cooperative 

Your viewers want to know more, and the live comments and interactions are part of what makes the live streaming so engaging. Your live streaming with your viewers should be a two-way conversation when responding to your viewers directly. 

One of the best ways to get more views on Facebook Live is to address the comments that appear live on air. With this, people confidently share their thoughts and ideas as you go along.

•  Promote using other Channels

While prepping for your Facebook Live video, you can always promote on other social media channels. You can advertise to get users to tune into your video on Facebook, and providing a link to the video will make it easier. Also, be careful not to overdo it, even though your other social audiences might not be on Facebook.

• Evaluate your results 

Finally, you should always learn from your achievement and learn to correct your mistakes. Facebook has different metrics that you can use to measure how engaging is your Facebook Live video. Once you gather as much data as you want, use the results to optimize your next video


With Facebook Live tips above, you should have everything you need to get more viewers on Facebook Live. Facebook Live offers an agile and immediate way to connect your audience.

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