Today Here is the best method to find devices connected to your wifi network using smartphones. Through this post, you can easy to find devices connected to your WiFi network. Now lots of people being using WiFi and almost all have their personal networks. But sometimes someone knows your password and can use your WiFi network and your WiFi speed will get low.

I have the best tip that will help you check out all the devices that are connected to your wifi network with the help of your smartphone. So this post finally tells us about how to find devices connected to your wifi network using smartphones 2018. Learn about some tips.

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This method is very simple and its depends on an Android and iOS apps that will work on your smartphones and will scan all the devices connected to your personal wifi network.Follow the below steps to proceed.

Find Devices Connected To Your WiFi Network

1 To Scanning Device Connected To Your Wifi Network In Android

Step 1. Firstly, download and install the app Fing – Network Tools on your device. After installing the app, open it on your Android device.

Step 2. List of all devices which are currently using the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 3. After this, You can know details about the connected WiFi by easy tapping on them

That is it! You are done, you can also check the Mac address of a device and you can block it on your router.

Using Wi-Fi Inspector

This is another popular app that provides the same like Fing, well it is much easier than the Fing. 

Step 1. Firstly, download and install the app WiFi inspector on your smartphones and open it.

Step 2. It will show you the network. You just tap on Inspect Network to continue.

with the help of Wifi Inspector

Step 3. Then it will scan for the devices that are connected to your WiFi network on your android device by using WiFi Inspector.

Finding the List of Connected Devices

You will require looking for the option in your router’s web interface somewhere. You may also find this on the Wi-Fi configuration page, or you may find it on some sort of status page on your device. On othersome routers, The list of devices may be showing on the main status page to save you some clicks.

Lots of D-Link routers, A list of connected devices is available under Status > Wireless.

To Scan Your Wi-Fi Network With Software On Your Computer

The best way to check for connected devices will generally be to use your router’s web interface on your device. some routers may also not offer this feature, so you may wanna try a scanning tool instead. It is a piece of software running on your computer that will scan the Wi-Fi network you are connected to for active devices and list them. Unlike, some scanning tools and router web interface tools that you have no way of listing devices that have been connected but it is currently offline. You will only see online devices. Find Devices Connected To Your WiFi Network.

There are a lot of tools are used for doing this but we all like NirSoft’s Wireless Network Watcher. Like other NirSoft software, it’s a little tool without any nag screens and adverse. You have to no need to be installed on your computer. Download the tool, launch it and it will also watch your WiFi network for only active devices, displaying their device names, MAC addresses and the manufacturer of their WiFI network hardware.