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How To Drive Sales Through Facebook Live?


Are you a brand ambassador that desires to drive more sales? Are you aware that you can drive sales via Facebook Live? Are you one of those marketers or brand ambassadors that struggle with driving sales through Facebook Live? Well, if you belong to any of the groups mentioned above, know that you are not alone.

The truth is that many marketers and brand ambassadors have no idea what Facebook Live has to offer. And with the ignorance, they miss out on what the social media giant has to offer via Facebook Live. So, if you are also not taking advantage of Facebook Live for your products or services, you are missing out as well.

Before we dive in proper, here are what we are going to letting out. The benefits of Facebook Live for your sales. How can you drive sales through Facebook Live? Stay tuned and I will be breaking down the ins and out of using Facebook Live to drive sales.

Why Live Stream?

So, why do you have to live stream? Let’s simply put that streaming live on Facebook beats the algorithm. More explainable, going live leads to more engagement and interactions that can lead to more sales for your products or services. However, Facebook Live offers even more than engagement and interactions.

Steaming live allows you to share your brand idea with your customers and potential customers. When your targeted audience sees the face of your business speaking live about your products or services, it creates a connection. The personal connection your potential and usual customers need to develop brand loyalty for your brand.

And as you are aware, brand loyal customers are even more valuable than your more satisfied customers, if you are considering driving more sales. In essence, Going Live extends your reach to create loyalty for your brand. And here is why you should use Facebook Live.

•    On Facebook Live, videos are watched by people 3x longer than videos that are not live.

•    Also, comments are 10x more on live videos than other videos that are not live.

•    Since Facebook Live launch, the daily watch time has grown 4x more.

Advantages of using Facebook Live

A lot of brand ambassadors hesitate when it comes to going live on Facebook simply because it is broadcasted live. I understand their fears though, the thought of “live video went wrong” can be terrifying. I mean, a mess like that can damage any brand, so it’s ok to have your fears.

But, who says you can’t practice before going live so that you now and prepare what you have to say to your audience.

We have discussed some of the benefits earlier, and one is that Facebook Live triggers more engagement. Engagement leads to more viewers, more viewers leads to more sales. It’s a win-win situation. Live videos are practically free, just your phone and a Facebook page unlike making videos. 

Creating videos cost you time and money, either you spend time creating it or you pay someone else to help create it. There are reasons why you should make Facebook live a strategy to drive sales for your products or services. Some of these reasons are;

•    More viewers 

•    Little or no cost

•    More engagement and interactions

•    Most importantly, Facebook users love it.

How to use Facebook Live to drive more sales

I’m sure the next question is how I use Facebook Live to drive more sales? Keep reading, we are almost there.

Go live Weekly

I have to admit that a very successful way to drive more sales is to stream live weekly. Many brand ambassadors go live weekly to highlight new products and services. Let me some examples.

Eatery or Restaurant owners may share their new menu items or show how their special dishes are prepared.

Fashion designers may decide to show off their new styles or their latest sewing machines.

A barber may decide to show how that trending haircut is being done. The options are just endless.

You can also decide to invite expert guests in your niche while streaming live. This way, your customers can ask questions on how to use your product or how they can reach you for your services. 

Show your customers behind the scenes

Another way to increase engagement and possibly drive more sales is to show your customers behind the scenes. Show them how your business works, how you couple the package, how you design, or how you cook that delicacy.

Introduce your team

Always, show off your staff and what they can do. Allow them to participate when streaming live, let them also get involved in customer engagement.

Advertise your forthcoming events to drive sales

Is there a big sale coming up? Steam Live!  Are you releasing new products? Are you expanding your company? Whatever you are planning… Stream Live. Share with your customers and they will get excited to be the first what you have to offer. 

Final Note

When to go live solely depends on your niche. You don’t want to bombard your audience with unnecessary talk, so if you are in a quest to drive more sales, be smart. Read through the article how to use Facebook Live to drive more sales.

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