How To Advertise A Job On Facebook

How To Advertise A Job On Facebook

Advertising on Facebook never comes easy; getting the right people to view your vacancy ad has become challenging. This, in turn, makes finding qualified candidates for the vacancy seem nearly impossible. The right applicant is like finding a ruby in the rubble. It goes beyond skills and goes further to make sure the candidate’s values, ethics are the same as the company.

Thankfully, Facebook continually evolves and has provided a platform where you can advertise your job postings. With over 2.6 billion active users on Facebook every month. Your job ad has more of a chance of reaching the right person on Facebook than anywhere else. Facebook is the first social media platform to reach that high level of active users.

Facebook Job Posting platform has become even more popular over time as it helps get your vacancy ad to place in the news feed. The best candidates for you without you having to break a sweat. The best part about Facebook job postings is that Facebook users can apply right on the Facebook platform and answer all your essential questions. Here’s the best part: They are entirely free!

Why Should I Advertise on Facebook?

That question might occur to you as you wonder why you shouldn’t use one of these job search websites instead of using Facebook. Let me help you with the answer to that question right here; Facebook has over a billion users on its platform daily, which are triple what Linkedin and Indeed can offer you. Beyond the more extensive reach, Facebook offers you. There are passive job candidates that do not register on job search platforms.

This is because many of them do not believe in recruitment sites offering them real jobs; many of these candidates for your position have a Facebook account; nevertheless, and tasks you advertise on Facebook will show up on their news feed. Who knows? They might be the candidate you’ve been looking for. Facebook also helps your job ad reach out to people who are not active on Facebook or recruitment platforms.

Relatives and pals of those who would be the right candidate for your job advert can share the post to the candidate when it shows up on their news feed. You also get to advertise your company; because someone who sees your job advertisement might be interested in your brand. They will then follow the page or click on the available link to learn more about your company that helps you widen your company’s reach.

In essence, advertising a job on Facebook provides you with access to the influence and full access only a social media platform as accessible as Facebook can offer you. Here’s the best part; we would be giving you a detailed guide on how you can start advertising jobs on Facebook today.

A Detailed Guide on How to Advertise a Job on Facebook

Advertising your job on Facebook is pretty straightforward and won’t take up to five minutes to carry out. To start on the job advertising of Facebook, first, open a Facebook business page. If you have this done already, great! If not, start immediately. Once you have a Facebook business page, you will find the job section right above the ‘write a post’ box at the top of your page.

Once you click on the ‘job’ section, it will take you to a page where you would need to provide necessary information about the job you would like to advertise. This information includes the job description and also the salary range you are willing to offer prospective candidates. You can filter down the application by making it necessary for applicants to answer a few questions which you can provide.

Once all the information has been provided, and you are okay with your job ad, click on ‘post job’ and boom! Your job will now be on Facebook, and active users of Facebook can now see your job ad. It’s that simple. The job post will show on the news feed of people who have previously liked your business page and also on your page. It will also appear to Facebook users who have joined the Facebook Marketplace.

You can access and make changes or take down any of your advertised jobs on your page by clicking on tasks that would appear at the top of your business profile page right at the left-hand side. A notification will be sent to you every time a person applies for your job, and you can view all the applications at your convenience. You can also set up notifications being sent to your mail to get emails whenever a person applies for your advertised job.

I will advise that you add a picture that rightfully portrays your company’s brand and what you’re looking for in a candidate. Facebook also gives the option to promote job ads so that even wider reach and filter down to the right spec of the people you prefer.


You found that easy, didn’t you? Facebook saves you the cost of printing posters or applying to have your job posted in newspapers. It is simple, easy, and time-saving. It brings the applicants right to you, and you don’t have to sweat while getting your candidates. A tip to help your job ad stand out amongst others is to go straight to the point. Make it short and straightforward as it always does the trick.

Now that we’ve told you how to advertise a job on Facebook.

Follow our guide and your only job would be to focus on getting the right candidate for the job.

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